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Platform creates business videos for online marketing.
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Vidnami Pro is an AI-driven online creation platform that enables businesses to leverage the power of video marketing, irrespective of their industry. With this tool, users can create all types of video content, including content videos, sales videos, influencer videos, e-commerce ads, course videos, real estate videos, Facebook and Instagram ads, and more.

The program's Artificial Intelligence feature automatically splits video into appropriate scenes and selects thematically matched movie clips from the well-known Storyblocks website, making content creation a lot easier and faster.

Users can adjust everything perfectly to their content, either with the help of AI or manually, and can also record their own voice track or upload pre-recorded voice tracks to use with scenes.

Users can choose between several male or female voices with various accents. Besides, the tool provides access to a huge database of video clips, static images, and audio tracks.

The program comes with tons of features, including automated captions, automatic aspect ratio adjustment, and easy video sharing on social media platforms.

Vidnami Pro is easy to use and offers a free trial version, and discounted versions for full purchases, giving users the chance to put the program to the test before making any financial commitment.

Overall, Vidnami Pro is a powerful video marketing tool that can significantly boost businesses' online visibility and engagement.

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Pros and Cons


Creates various video types
Automatically splits videos
Thematically selects movie clips
Access to Storyblocks database
Record own voice track
Upload pre-recorded voice track
Multiple automated voice styles
Automatic aspect-ratio adjustments
Easy video sharing
Offers free trial version
Offers discounted full version
Automated captions feature
Comprehensive video marketing tool
Excellent for increasing online visibility


Limited voice customization options
Dependence on Storyblocks library
Automatic scene selection limitations
Limited adjustment controls
No offline editing capabilities
Doesn't mention 4K support
No multi-language support
No built-in chat for assistance
Limited captions customization
No explicit data security guarantees


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Is it possible to record and upload my own voice track for videos on Vidnami Pro?
Does Vidnami Pro have automated voice styles?
How can I share my created videos on social media platforms through Vidnami Pro?
Does Vidnami Pro offer a free trial?
What kind of discounts can I get if I decide to purchase Vidnami Pro?
Is Vidnami Pro user-friendly?
How can Vidnami Pro help in online marketing?
Does the tool provide access to a database of video clips, images, and audio tracks?
What is the function of the AI in Vidnami Pro?
Can Vidnami Pro adjust the aspect ratio of my video automatically?
Does Vidnami Pro provide automated captions to videos?
Can I use Vidnami Pro for creating Facebook and Instagram Ads?
How does Vidnami Pro increase the online visibility and engagement of my business?
What is the Storyblocks website that Vidnami Pro uses?
Is there any limit to the type and number of videos I can create using Vidnami Pro?


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