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Optimized video creation via web-based automation.
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EditAir is an AI-driven web platform that offers automated video editing tools for creating optimized content for various platforms. With the help of AI technology, it streamlines the editing process and empowers users with features such as smart cropping, subtitles, transcription, and content-specific editing (coming soon).

It enables users to create shareable short-form clips that highlight the critical and engaging moments of long-form content to extend their reach on social media.

It also enables content creators to enhance the visual experience of the video by dynamically adjusting the frame composition to keep the critical visual elements in focus and make them aesthetically appealing.

Further, EditAir offers a transcription feature that uses AI for quick and accurate speech-to-text conversion, which enables creators to summarize the content using powerful AI tools for optimized editing.

Moreover, it offers a feature (coming soon) that integrates translations seamlessly to break language barriers and expand the global reach of video content through translated subtitiles.

EditAir offers various membership plans, ranging from a free plan with limited uploads to a premium plan that includes unlimited uploads, smart-cropping, all AI feature availability, and 24/7 support.

Overall, EditAir allows creators to optimize their video content for any platform with the power of AI while saving significant time and effort that is usually associated with manual video editing.


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Jul 24, 2023
needs beta testing
May 24, 2023
I got off the waitlist and just started using EditAir. They give complete control over all styling and it has never been easier for me to make clips for clients. Well worth the price.

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Pros and Cons


Web-based platform
Automates video editing
Smart cropping feature
Offers subtitles
Transcription feature
Summarizes video content
Translation integration (Coming Soon)
Content-specific editing (Coming Soon)
Creates short-form clips
Multiple membership plans
Free plan available
Premium plan for unlimited uploads
24/7 support in premium plan
Enhances visual experience
Optimizes content for social media
Allows repurposing of content
Expandable global reach
Quick and accurate speech-to-text
User-friendly text customization
Develops tailored applications (Coming Soon)
Focus on industry-specific needs (Coming Soon)


Limited upload on free plan
Premium plan still limits uploads
Translation and specific editing pending
Expensive unlimited plan
No API mentioned
Support only for unlimited users
No customization with free plan
No offline editing support
Requires JavaScript


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