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Improve low-res and double image quality.
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Remini is a state-of-the-art AI tool designed to transform old, blurry, and low-quality photos into HD masterpieces. Remini's AI technology is capable of detecting facial details and reconstructing them with a stunning level of accuracy.

It is able to quickly process images, allowing users to sharpen, enhance, and revitalize their photos in a matter of seconds. Remini also offers an upscaling feature that allows users to enlarge images up to 2x their size without sacrificing quality.

Furthermore, Remini provides two separate services for professionals and general users. Remini Web is a web app that makes editing images simpler and faster, while Remini Mobile is a mobile app that allows users to quickly share their photos on social media.

Remini has been used by over 70 million people and has been featured on Mashable and Fstoppers.


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Remini was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 8th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Transforms old, blurry photos
Enhances low-quality images
Reconstructs facial details accurately
Quick image processing
Photo sharpening feature
Upscaling feature without quality loss
Web app for easy editing
Mobile app for quick sharing
Used by over 70 million people
Restores small and vintage images
Makes images up to 2x bigger
Suitable for professionals
One click enhancement
App-specific services and subscriptions
Well-reported by tech media


Upscaling only up to 2x
Focuses on facial details
Not suitable for non-portrait images
Separate subscriptions for web and mobile
Limited sharing options


What is the Remini AI tool?
How does Remini work to enhance image quality?
Does Remini only work on photos, or can it be used for videos as well?
What are the specific features of Remini's AI technology?
How quickly does Remini process images for enhancement?
Are there separate services available for professionals and general users?
What's the difference between Remini Mobile and Remini Web?
Can I use Remini to share my photos directly on social media?
How many people have used Remini so far?
How does Remini's upscaling feature work?
Does upscaled images through Remini lose any quality?
Is there a limit to the size of images Remini can handle?
What are the functions of Remini Web specifically for professionals?
How does Remini Mobile facilitate sharing photos on social media?
How can I get my photos enhanced by Remini?
What are the subscription plans available for Remini?
Does Remini have different subscriptions for Remini Mobile App and Remini Web?
Can I use Remini to get my old photos restored?
Has Remini been featured in major publications or websites?
What's the difference between Remini's AI avatar creation capability and standard photo enhancement?


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