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Efficient video search with video editing and logging.
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Nova A.I. is an online video editing and logging software that provides a range of video editing tools and capabilities to simplify the video editing process.

It is powered by a computer vision video search engine that allows users to search for and edit video footage quickly and efficiently. Nova A.I. offers a range of video editing tools, including video trimming, merging, cropping, and cutting.

Additionally, features such as YouTube and TikTok cutters, video speed controllers, and subtitle and caption generators make the software streamlined and efficient.

Nova A.I. also provides advanced features such as video and audio translators, podcast and video transcript generators, and basic video effects, including filters, transitions, elements, and emojis.

The software is designed for various purposes, ranging from marketing and social media videos to educational and corporate training videos. Nova A.I. allows the user to create marketing, trailer, introductory, and other types of videos for social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Additionally, Nova A.I. is easy to use, has a range of pricing options, and provides training videos to simplify the learning process. Overall, Nova A.I.

is an effective and efficient online video editing software that provides a range of tools to enhance the video editing experience for both beginners and professionals.


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Jul 17, 2023
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Pros and Cons


Efficient video search
Range of editing tools
Video trimming, merging, cropping
YouTube and TikTok cutters
Video speed controllers
Subtitle and caption generators
Video and audio translators
Podcast and video transcript generators
Video effects: filters, transitions
Video effects: elements, emojis
Marketing, social media video creation
Educational, corporate training video creation
Works with Facebook, Instagram, TikTok
Works with Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube
Range of pricing options
Training videos provided
Online use, no installation
Automatic subtitle generation
Hardcode subtitles to videos
Text to Speech Generator
Video translator with 75 languages
Video merger
Video resize for any player
Multiple video clip creation
Video sound editor
Add Audio or Music to video
Audio merger, cutter
Create Promo, Trailer, Intro, Outro videos
Create Educational, Explainer Videos
Create Corporate, Product, Resume, Pitch videos
Create Holiday, Birthday, Lyric, Meme videos
Create Music, Motivational, Photo videos
High-quality video creation
Time and money-efficient solutions
Video Analyzer
Video Sound Editor
Subtitle Editor and Generator
Add Text and Image to Videos
Add Audio or Music to Videos
Various Audio tools
Social Media Video Creation


No offline version
Limited basic effects
No 3D video editing
No storyboard mode
No multi-cam editing
Lack advanced audio editing
No 360-degree video support
No VR headset compatibility
No advanced color correction
No action cam tools

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