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Easily edit and manipulate multimedia with Kingshiper tools.
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Kingshiper Vocal Remover is an AI-driven audio and video editing tool. Its primary function is to extract vocals from any audio and video tracks. It also allows users to isolate both vocal and instrumental components of a file without losing the original quality.

This tool supports and converts files between a wide variety of formats, making it compatible with major mainstream platforms. Further features include the separation of background music to create more refined audio, with batch processing capabilities for enhanced efficiency.

The vocal remover also supports the extraction of vocals from multiple audio/video formats, providing a streamlined and efficient experience for users.

It is not only suitable for professional use, such as in podcasting and music production, but also for personal use, such as karaoke lovers who want to create instrumental versions of their favorite songs.

A simple interface and one-click operation also make it user-friendly for those less familiar with audio editing software. While primarily used for vocal removal, this toolkit also offers additional utilities like a voice recorder, audio editor, video compressor, and screen recorder.


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2 alternatives to Kingshiper for Vocal removal

Pros and Cons


Vocal and instrumental extraction
Preserves original quality
Wide format compatibility
Background music separation
Batch processing capabilities
Multimedia format extraction
Suitable for professional use
Great for karaoke lovers
One-click operation
Additional utilities provided
Easy media manipulation
Various editing functions
Embedded voice recorder
Integrated video compressor
Built-in screen recorder
Fast file conversion
User-friendly interface
Suitable for various platforms
Isolates vocals and instrumentals
Supports 1000+ audio formats
Creates polished audio
Lossless quality export
Improves work efficiency
Versatile usage scenarios
Quick and handy one-click
Audio/video sample rates synchronization
Multiple functions in one tool
Time-saving tool for content creators
Ideal for producers
Useful for podcasters
Professional and efficient extractor
Simple interface, easy operation
Video without vocals feature
Video without background feature
Video dub creation for content
Fast and easy compression
Supports major mainstream platforms
Supports multiple audio/video parameters
Ideal for various genres and styles
Supports extraction from varied formats
Creates instrumentals for background music
Creates unique ringtones
Fast batch processing
Converts files between 1000+ formats
Professional video recording on Mac
Streamlined, efficient user experience
Enables personalized audio editing
Fast file compression and extraction
Compatible with Windows and Mac


Limited to specific formats
Complex mixes extraction limitations
Potential loss in original quality
No mention of multi-language support
Specific tool for Mac only
No mobile application mentioned
No API for integration
User interface simplicity may limit advanced settings
Limited documentation and tutorials
No stated offline functionality


What is Kingshiper Vocal Remover?
How does Kingshiper Vocal Remover extract vocals from audio and video tracks?
Does Kingshiper Vocal Remover retain the original quality while separating vocals and instruments?
Which audio and video formats are compatible with Kingshiper Vocal Remover?
Can I create karaoke tracks using Kingshiper Vocal Remover?
How easy is it to use Kingshiper Vocal Remover's user interface?
Are there any additional utilities provided by Kingshiper Vocal Remover?
Can I use Kingshiper Vocal Remover for podcasting and music production?
Can Kingshiper Vocal Remover be used to compress video files?
Are batch processing capabilities available in Kingshiper Vocal Remover?
How does Kingshiper's voice recorder feature work?
Can Kingshiper Vocal Remover separate background music to create more refined audio?
Does Kingshiper Vocal Remover support the extraction of vocals from multiple formats?
Can I use Kingshiper for personal uses like karaoke?
Do I need any special skills to operate Kingshiper Vocal Remover?
Can Kingshiper Vocal Remover be used to edit multimedia?
Can Kingshiper Vocal Remover be used to record my screen?
Is the Kingshiper Vocal Remover compatible with windows?
How efficient is the Kingshiper Vocal Remover for professional use?
How does the Kingshiper Vocal Remover maintain ultimate audio quality?

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