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Controlla Voice is an AI tool that allows users to train their own AI singing voice. By uploading as little as 3 minutes or up to an hour of vocals, users can create a model of their own singing voice.

The tool also allows users to blend unlimited voices in any proportion, enhancing the tone of their singing voice and creating unique voices. Users can transform vocals into their own voice, generating cover songs or hiring real singers to sing in different styles and languages.Controlla Voice offers several features, including the ability to train your singing voice, blend unlimited voices, and convert singing vocals.

With a Creator Plan, users can convert unlimited vocals into their voice. The tool supports multiple languages, allowing users to create multilingual songs.Security and privacy are emphasized, as voices are accessible only to the user by default.

However, users can grant access to their voice to collaborators, producers, songwriters, and engineers as desired.Controlla Voice offers pricing plans for early access, providing access to high-quality AI singing voices.

The tool is designed to help cover compute costs and support real singers.Overall, Controlla Voice provides users with the ability to train their own AI singing voice and explore endless possibilities in vocal mixing, sound design, producing, and songwriting in multiple languages.


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