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Vocal & music separation for karaoke or remixing
Generated by ChatGPT is a one-step service that allows users to separate vocals and music from any song or audio file with unmatched quality. It utilizes a machine learning and artificial intelligence-powered engine called Spleeter to process the uploaded songs quickly and accurately.

The service is free and does not require any software installation or account registration.Using is straightforward. Users simply select a supported audio file from their device and click the "Separate Music and Vocals" button.

After a short processing time, the separated files are automatically available for download.The tool's features include a fast processing speed of less than 2 minutes, with ongoing improvements to enhance efficiency.

It supports audio files up to 20MB in size or 10 minutes in length.One of the main applications of is creating karaoke versions of songs. By separating the vocals and music, users can remove the original vocals and sing along to their favorite tracks without any also provides a Frequently Asked Questions section, addressing concerns about supported audio formats, output formats, error troubleshooting, file re-downloading, and improving sound quality.The service is supported by donations to help keep it available and free for users. respects user privacy and has a clear Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.Overall, provides a convenient and efficient solution for users looking to separate vocals and music from songs for various purposes, such as karaoke or remixing.


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Pros and Cons


Music and vocal separating
One-step service
No software installation
No account registration
Fast processing speed
Supports up to 20MB files
Supports up to 10 minutes audio
Good for creating karaoke versions
FAQ section
Supported by donations
Respects user privacy
Easy-to-understand TOS and Privacy Policy
Enhances efficiency continuously


Limited to 20MB files
Only 10 minutes length
Quality degradation post-separation
No account, no history
Depends on donations
No software for offline use


What is
How does work to separate vocals and music?
What is Spleeter in the context of
Is really free to use?
How do I use to separate vocals from music?
What is the maximum file size or length that can handle?
Can be used to create karaoke versions of songs?
What are some typical questions addressed in the FAQ section?
Does require any software installation or account creation?
How is funded?
Does respect user privacy?
What are the terms of service for
How long does take to process a song?
What file formats are supported by
What is the output format of
How can I improve the sound quality with
Where can I re-download the songs I have separated on
Can help me find or download a specific song?
Who can I contact if I encounter an issue with
Does have a plugin or widget that can be embedded on my website?


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