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Vocal extraction from audio tracks.
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Vocal Remover and Isolation is a free online application that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to separate vocals from instrumental tracks in a given song.

It is perfect for creating karaoke backing tracks, extracting acapella's, and other vocal manipulation tasks. The process is simple; the user chooses a song, and the AI does the rest.

The vocal and instrumental tracks are then outputted separately. The application is fast and efficient, usually taking only 10 seconds to complete the process.

It is also completely free of charge making it a great option for those who don't want to spend money on vocal manipulation software.


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Pros and Cons


Fast processing time
No cost
Karaoke version generation
Acapella extraction
Single song selection
Isolates vocals
Removes vocals
Delivers separated tracks
Universal file compatibility
Web-based application
Efficient performance
Pitcher feature
Joining functionality
Cutting tool
Recording option
Karaoke tool
Key BPM Finder
Simple operation
No download required
Saves user money
Wide usability
Great for music editing
User-friendly interface
Easy song uploading
Quality output
No limit to use
No account needed
Non-destructive editing


No offline use
Depends on song quality
Results may vary
No batch processing
No version history
Lacks advanced editing features
No customizable settings
Only supports vocal separation


What is the Vocal Remover and Isolation?
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What kind of files can I upload to the Vocal Remover and Isolation?
Can I improve the quality of the vocal extraction using Vocal Remover and Isolation?
How does the AI in Vocal Remover and Isolation separate vocals from the instrumental track?
Does Vocal Remover and Isolation require any specific software or hardware to operate?
Can Vocal Remover and Isolation handle multiple track processing at once?
What formats do the separated vocal and instrumental tracks come in?
Are there any limitations on the length or size of the audio file I can upload to Vocal Remover and Isolation?
Do I need any specific knowledge or skills to use Vocal Remover and Isolation?
Can I adjust the levels of the vocal and instrumental extraction in Vocal Remover and Isolation?
Does Vocal Remover and Isolation provide any support or tutorials for new users?
What other tools or features does Vocal Remover and Isolation have?
Is there a premium version of Vocal Remover and Isolation with more features?
Can I donate to support the development of Vocal Remover and Isolation?
Do Vocal Remover and Isolation provide any options for BPM or pitches adjustment?
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