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Improved voice for captivating performances.
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Altered Studio provides professional AI voice changing software and services to create compelling voice performances. Its unique technology allows users to alter their voice to any AI voice in its curated portfolio or custom voices.

It is trusted by major media studios such as Rebound Sound Company, Rev Rooms, Gimlet, War-Gaming, Sweetjustice Sound, Ninja Theory, and Neon Giant. The website uses cookies to collect and analyze data to provide social media features, enhance and customize content and advertisements, and to improve the user experience.

Necessary cookies are required for core functionality and preference cookies enable the website to remember information to customize the website for each user.

Analytical cookies are used to improve the website by collecting and reporting information on usage, and marketing cookies track visitors across websites and allow publishers to display relevant and engaging advertisements.

Other cookies are also used, but their purpose is unknown.


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Apr 27, 2024
Amazing tool
Jul 22, 2023
سلام چه خبر

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Pros and Cons


Professional voice changing software
Trusted by major media studios
Ability to create custom voices
Website uses cookies for data analysis
Enhances user experience on website
Preference cookies for site customization
Analytical cookies for website improvement
Marketing cookies for relevant, engaging advertisements
Necessary cookies for core functionality
Software can recreate any voice
Work directly in your browser
Secure audio-editing workflow
Alters voice for multi-character performances
High-resolution synthetic speech rendering
Ability to clone any voice
Implements user testimonials
Offers free trial
Compatibility with various social media platforms


Unclear purpose of some cookies
Limited curated portfolio
Dependent on third-party cookies
Requires internet connection
Data privacy concerns
Possible voice imitation limitations
No offline functionality
Limited custom voice options
Targeted advertisements
Wide range of cookies used


What is Altered Studio?
How does Altered Studio alter my voice?
Can Altered Studio create custom voices?
What are the key features of Altered Studio?
Who are some of Altered Studio's current clients?
Which cookies does Altered Studio use on its website?
What are the functionalities of cookies on Altered Studio's website?
Why does the Altered website need cookies?
How can I manage cookies on Altered Studio?
What does Altered Studio's voice-changing software do?
Are there any testimonials about Altered Studio?
What kind of projects can I use Altered Studio for?
How does Altered Studio ensure its website functions properly?
What options do I have to customize my experience on Altered Studio?
Does Altered Studio collect and use any analytics?
What information does Altered use for marketing purposes?
How secure is my data with Altered Studio?
What is Altered Studio's browser compatibility?
Can I use Altered Studio for multi-character voice performances?
How do I get started with Altered Studio?

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