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Voice Dual is an AI-driven tool designed to transform user's voice in a variety of languages. This tool works by a user uploading a video, ideally with a maximum duration of 30 seconds.

Upon upload, the video is processed on the server, where the AI modifies the audio according to the user's preference. These modifications could include changes in language, tone, or other audio aspects.

One of the significant advantages of Voice Dual is its support for over 30 languages, a feature that makes it applicable for a global audience. Thus, it can be used for various reasons, including language learning, entertainment, or digital content creation.However, users should be aware that their uploaded video is stored on the server for processing for 24 hours and then deleted.

If users want to preserve the output video, they should save it to their device. Additionally, care should be taken to comply with the laws of their country, and the tool should not be used for illegal purposes or the creation of fake news.For users preferring an unwatermarked version of their video, a full paid version is available for purchase.

This version sends a download link to the user's email after purchase. It's important to note that due to the nature of the digital content, purchases are non-refundable.In summary, Voice Dual is an AI tool that allows users to experience transformations of their voice in an array of languages using their uploaded videos.


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Pros and Cons


Supports over 30 languages
Useful for language learning
Modifies tone and language
Great for digital content creation
Video processing on server
User preference modification
Processed video stored 24 hours
Output video save option
Full paid version available
Email notification after purchase
Non-refundable policy transparency
Video upload feature
Maximum 30 seconds video
Unwatermarked version with full version
Privacy policy transparency
Clear terms of service
Potential for entertainment uses


Limited to 30 seconds videos
Non-refundable purchases
Videos stored on server
Download needed for preservation
Watermark present in free version
Potential legal issues
Quality not guaranteed
Could be used for misinformation


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Where is my uploaded video stored with Voice Dual?
How long does Voice Dual store my video on the server?
What should I do if I want to keep my output video from Voice Dual?
Can Voice Dual be used to create fake news?
What illegal activities should not be done on Voice Dual?
Is there a version of Voice Dual without a watermark?
How much does the full version of Voice Dual cost?
How will I receive my purchase of Voice Dual?
Are Voice Dual purchases refundable?
What happens to my video on Voice Dual after 24 hours?
What country laws should I respect while using Voice Dual?
Can I impersonate someone else on Voice Dual?
What is the quality guarantee for the output video from Voice Dual?

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