Facial recognition for celebrity comparison.

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Celebs Like Me is a celebrity look alike face-recognition app that enables users to find their doppelganger among celebrities. The app utilizes advanced facial recognition technology to detect the user's face and create a facial pattern, which is then compared to celebrity faces.

The app then suggests the most similar celebrity faces to the user. The app values user privacy and does not store uploaded photos. All photos are deleted after recognition, and the photo will only be saved if the user decides to share it.

The service is for personal and non-commercial use only. Google Analytics and advertising companies are used to serve ads when users visit the website, and data such as IP address, the IP address and URL of the Website that sent the user to the main page, browser cookie and browser type is collected.

StarByFace was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 1st 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Advanced facial recognition
Identifies celebrity doppelgangers
Privacy-focused tool
No photo storage
Personal use oriented
Browser type adaptation
IP recognition
Works as mobile app
Face pattern creation
Facial point detection
Neural network comparisons
Option to save results
Google Analytics enabled
Serve ads
Data-driven suggestions
Choice gradient for results
Available on Google Play
Available on App Store
Supports photo uploads
Clear visibility needed
Quality dependent recognition


Only for personal use
Advertisement presence
No commercial use
Single person photo only
Quality affects accuracy
Non-consent data processing
Shared user data
Limited facial pattern capabilities
Trailing functionality on low-end devices
Results shared only if saved


What is the main feature of StarByFace?
How does StarByFace detect a user's face?
Does StarByFace store the photos I upload?
How does StarByFace ensure user privacy?
In what scenarios can StarByFace be used?
How accurate is StarByFace's facial recognition technology?
Can I save my StarByFace results?
The facial recognition failed, what should I do?
Are there any specific requirements for the photos I upload to StarByFace?
How does StarByFace compare my face to celebrities?
Which celebrities does StarByFace compare my face with?
Can StarByFace be used for commercial purposes?
Does StarByFace use cookies?
What kind of data does StarByFace collect from users?
How can I contact StarByFace if I have questions?
Can I use StarByFace on both mobile and web?
Is there a way to share my StarByFace results with others?
How is my privacy protected when using StarByFace?
What is the neural network used by StarByFace for?
What is the 'Gradient' feature in StarByFace?

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