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Ailice is an AI-created influencer that posts a photo every day on Instagram and allows users to help her pick the best one by voting on their favorite.

On the website, Ailice posts new photos every 15 minutes and users can upvote their favorites. The photo with the most upvotes is posted to her Instagram page.

The website also allows users to create their own profile picture with the AI. The website is created by @dannypostmaa and is designed as an experiment.

The AI-created influencer Ailice allows users to interact with her through voting, creating their own profile pictures, and following her on Instagram.

It is a unique way to engage with an AI-created model and help influence the content she puts out.

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Pros and Cons


Daily photo posts
User-driven content selection
Frequent content refresh (15min)
User voting system
Instagram integration
Community engagement
User profile picture creation


Limited interactivity
Dependent on Instagram
No data privacy clarified
Requires continuous user engagement
No customization options
Limited use cases
Subject to Instagram policies
No offline functionality
Requires constant internet connection
No user support mentioned


Who created Ailice?
How often does Ailice post new photos?
How do users interact with Ailice?
How can I create a profile picture with the tool?
What happens to the photo with the most upvotes?
Is Ailice's Instagram updated daily?
What are the steps to upvote Ailice's photos?
Is the image generating tool free to use?
What are the steps to generate a profile picture using Ailice?
How can we follow Ailice on Instagram?
Does Ailice respond to comments or DMs?
Can I download images generated by the tool?
What is the resolution of photos generated by Ailice?
Can I suggest poses or scenarios for Ailice's photos?
How does Ailice generate new images?
Who can vote on Ailice's photos?
Can multiple users use the profile picture creating feature at the same time?
How does the AI integrate with Instagram?
Can users dispute or question the upvote results?
How long has Ailice been active on Instagram?


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