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Supporting Image Generation in Japanese
GPT welcome message: いらっしゃいませ。何を創りますか?
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txt2img supporter is a GPT developed by MIURA KEITO that focuses on the generation of images with support for Japanese language input. This tool is designed to be used in conjunction with ChatGPT, to which it adds extra functionality.

With txt2img supporter, users can input text in Japanese, and in response, it produces images. The goal is to offer a creative and intuitive way for people, especially those fluent in Japanese, to generate images based on text descriptions or ideas.

On initiating a session with this GPT, users are greeted with the welcoming message: '' which translates to 'Welcome. What would you like to create?'.

This GPT delivers the requested output via interaction with the ChatGPT Plus platform. Its implementation can be valuable in a range of settings requiring swift and accurate text to image translation, offering a creative outlet for those seeking to realize visual concepts based on written descriptions.

As a GPT, the txt2img supporter adds to the existing ChatGPT ecosystem, enhancing the options available to users and underlining the potential of artificial intelligence in fields such as design, visual arts, and language translation.


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