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Produce impressive photos with AI for personal branding and social media.
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Facetopia is a creative tool that leverages AI technology to generate unique, professionally styled photographs from user-uploaded selfies. After users upload their self-portraits, the AI model is trained to recognise their features and subsequently produces a variety of photos.

These images can be used to enhance personal branding for LinkedIn, social media profiles or any platform of the users choice. The service offers a variety of packs to cater to different user preferences.

Each pack contains a different theme for the AI-generated photos, thereby providing a wide selection for users. Examples of packs include Boring LinkedIn Pack, Snowy Christmas Pack, Western Pack and Paintings Pack.

The process is straightforward and user-friendly. After uploading the required number of selfies, the AI starts training, a process that typically takes around 10 minutes.

Once the training is complete, the AI generates photos, which are then delivered directly to the users email. Facetopia prioritises user satisfaction, offering to make adjustments and retrain the model if a user is unsatisfied with the generated photos.

In addition to this strong commitment to image quality, Facetopia also prioritises user privacy and data protection. The original selfies and AI-generated photos are securely stored and will never be shared without the user's explicit consent.


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