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Customized online shopping for unique designs.
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Bad Bot Design is an AI-powered tool that allows users to shop for a variety of unique products, including shirts, sweatshirts, and coffee mugs. These products are generated by robots, providing an exclusive and distinctive collection.

Additionally, users have the option to request the AI Bots to design their own ideas, adding a personalized touch to their purchases.The tool provides various filters for easy navigation, allowing users to sort products by relevance, latest additions, and oldest items.

It also features specific collections such as the Bad Bot Collection, Featured items, New Collection, and Summer Selection, ensuring a diverse range of options.The available products encompass a wide range of designs, including pictures of animals such as French Bulldogs and cats, artistic impressions like Monet-inspired artwork and Van Gogh-themed images, and pop culture references like Guardians of the Galaxy and Tupac-themed designs.

The tool offers multiple variations of each design, ensuring a comprehensive selection.Bad Bot Design's website includes a FAQ section and contact information, as well as terms of service and a return policy for customer convenience.

The tool is developed by AE.STUDIO and can be followed on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for updates.In summary, Bad Bot Design is an AI-powered platform that offers unique products generated by robots.

Users can shop for shirts, sweatshirts, and coffee mugs or request the AI Bots to design custom ideas. The tool features various collections and filters, providing a wide array of design options.


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