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Creating impressionistic, modern-style images inspired by renowned painters.
GPT welcome message: Welcome to a world of surreal, policy-compliant creativity!
Sample prompts:
Choose an artistic style: Dali, later abstractions, or beyond?
Describe the mood or theme for your image.
What elements should be included in your artwork?
Any specific colors or patterns you prefer?
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Artistic Visions is a GPT that specializes in creating images inspired by famous 20th-century painters. The primary function of this AI tool is to generate impressionistic and modern-style artworks.

It operates on top of ChatGPT and its focus is to offer a unique blend of AI capability with artistic creativity. Users of this GPT are presented with a range of artistic styles to choose from, including Dali and later abstractions.

Additionally, this tool allows users to customize their artworks by specifying their desired mood or theme, elements, and even particular colors or patterns.

Guided by user preferences and a range of artistic inspirations, the finished product is an AI-generated image that epitomizes both the chosen artistic style and the specific input from the user.

Artistic Visions' core aim is to create a world of surreal, policy-compliant creativity that accommodates and expresses user choices in a unique, AI-guided format.

To gain access to the Artistic Visions tool it requires a user to be signed up with ChatGPT Plus.


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