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Our AI generates handsome images of your pet.
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Puppy AI is a resourceful tool that utilizes artificial intelligence to generate stylized images of pets, mainly dogs and cats. The AI operates by analyzing a set of photographs of the pet provided by the user and outputs a collection of enhanced images.

The process is straightforward and broken down into the following steps: one, the user uploads a diverse array of 10 to 20 photos of their pet in various places, times and situations.

Second, the user chooses the number and style of images they would like to be generated. The tool then takes around 10 to 15 minutes to generate the images, after which the user is informed via email.

Puppy AI prides itself on simplicity of use. It has a single pricing scheme allowing access to the generation of 8 images at a time with options to choose visual styling, obtain three credits for re-generating images, and get customer support.

The images are permanently available to the owner. The payment for this service is processed by the company's partner Stripe. With regard to privacy concerns, users can refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for details on image protection.

Customers interested in using Puppy AI can start by visiting dedicated platform sections including 'How it Works', 'Pricing' and 'FAQ'.


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Pros and Cons


Generates stylized pet images
User-defined image styles
Quick image generation
Email notifications
Simple use
Permanently available images
Secure payment processing
Data privacy guidelines
Dedicated customer support
Focus on pet photography
Multiple photos input
Generates 8 images at once
Option to regenerate images
Images access anytime
Three regenerating credits
Dog and cat focus
Detailed FAQ section
Subscription services
Personalized image styling
Generates pet transformation photos


Single pricing scheme
Limited to 8 images
Limited styling options
Processing time 10-15 minutes
Dependent on Stripe
Limited regeneration credits
No mobile application
Image quality dependent on uploads
No bulk uploads


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