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Transform pet photos into captivating character images.
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AI Pet Photos is an innovative tool that uses advanced artificial intelligence to transform your pet photos into a variety of unique and entertaining characters. This beta service allows pet owners to experience their beloved pets in a new and creative way.

The process is streamlined and user-friendly, involving just a few simple steps:

Upload 15 photos of your pet.
Let the AI work its magic to create up to 21 distinctive portraits.
Enjoy and share the high-quality, 4K resolution images of your pet in various characters.
The tool offers an array of features to enhance your experience:

A selection of 21 characters, each rendered in stunning 4K resolution (4096 x 4096 pixels).
Exceptional detail and professional-level lighting in every image.
Fast processing time, typically under 20 minutes.
High resemblance to your pet with minimal deformation.
Easy-to-use interface, suitable for uploading photos from mobile devices, tablets, or computers.
AI Pet Photos provides three packages to choose from:

Starter Bundle: 6 Random Characters for $3.99 per pet.
Saver Bundle: 12 Random Characters for $6.99 per pet.
Best Price Bundle: All 21 Characters for $10.99 per pet.
Each package ensures:

4K Resolution Images.
Fully Automatic processing.
Attractive discounts.
The service is ideal for creating memorable gifts or keepsakes and requires no design skills. You can transform your pet into various characters like superheroes, samurais, cowboys, or vikings with just a few clicks.

AI Pet Photos values your pet's privacy, ensuring that photos are only used for AI training and then deleted. While refunds are not available due to the computational resources involved, the service is dedicated to generating images that closely resemble your pet.

This exciting and experimental service is in constant development, and the team appreciates feedback and patience from its users. For those looking for a more personalized touch, the new custom manual (DIY) portraits allow you to describe an image and have your pet substituted into it, although these are not in 4K resolution yet.

In summary, AI Pet Photos is a cutting-edge service that offers pet owners a unique way to celebrate their furry friends using the power of generative AI technology.

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Pros and Cons


Transforms pet photos into characters
Generates ultra-high-quality images
Creates 21 different characters
Produces 42 images from 25 photos
No design skills required
High level of detail
Super high resolution
Professional level of lighting
Extreme resemblance to pet
Low deformation occurrences
Turnaround under two hours
Works on mobile, tablets, computers
Supports different pet types
Images suited for printing, online
Can transform pet into superheroes, cowboys
Service is user-friendly
Service is experimental, unique
Uploads from various devices supported
Safety of pet's photo ensured
Images resemble pet strongly
Adaptable to different breeds


Service is in beta
No refunds
Limited to 21 characters
Requires 25 input photos
Transformation style may vary
Images take 1-2 hours
No bulk upload option
Turnaround not instant


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