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Platform identifying pet breeds for education.
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Siwalu is an AI-based image recognition platform that provides users with a mobile solution to identify and learn about animals. It has three apps: Dog Scanner, Cat Scanner, and Horse Scanner.

These apps use AI technology to quickly and accurately identify the breed of a pet, mixed breeds included, within seconds. The Dog Scanner and Cat Scanner apps are already established with over 13.7 million downloads and 1.9 million identified animals per month.

The Horse Scanner is a new addition to the product portfolio. All the apps also have a new social feed feature that allows users to share their content with the community.

Siwalu's goal is to develop a universal animal recognition to increase knowledge about global biodiversity. It is also partnered with Snapchat, which allows users to identify dog breeds directly from the Snapchat Camera.

Siwalu has received positive reviews from users, citing the app’s accuracy and ease of use. They can be found on Instagram at @dogscanner_app, @catscanner_app, and @horsescanner_app.


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Pros and Cons


Recognizes mixed breed pets
High number of downloads
Social feed feature
Can identify from Snapchat
Positive user reviews
Available on Instagram
Covers multiple animal types
Aims for universal recognition
Fast breed identification
Quantified identification performance
Collaboration with Snapchat
Community content sharing
Mobile solution
Dedicated horse scanner app
Identifies various species
Gamification features


Limited to three animal types
Focus mainly on breeds
New social feed feature
Need to download different apps
Dependent on quality of photo
May struggle with less common breeds
Potential privacy concerns - sharing user content
Horse scanner tool still new
Does not provide thorough analysis


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How do I share content with the community on Siwalu?
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