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Deepfake image verification and authentication.
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TrueBees is an AI-based tool that detects deepfakes, which are AI-generated portraits that can be shared on social media and spread across the web, leading to disinformation and cybercrime.

TrueBees helps users to quickly and easily verify the trustworthiness of images and share only those that they can fully trust. It is designed for professionals in the media industry and law firms, including press and news agencies, media outlets, freelance journalists, lawyers, and legal advisors.

TrueBees uses forensic analysis algorithms, blockchain technology, and a synergistic approach to authenticate online images and store analyzed images securely.

The tool has been extensively developed, trained, and tested to detect deepfakes with an accuracy rate of 97.99% on a reference test dataset. TrueBees is the first and only system to detect AI-generated portraits after they have been shared on social media platforms.

The platform overcomes problems faced by existing detectors using an innovative approach based on fine-tuned deep networks. Users can choose to verify images directly on TrueBees' platform or integrate it with their own APIs.

TrueBees is an essential tool in the fight against deepfakes and disinformation, providing guarantees on the trustworthiness of images used in lawsuits, news editing, and publishing.


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Pros and Cons


Detects deepfakes post-social media sharing
97.99% deepfake detection accuracy
Direct or API image verification
Serves media industry professionals
Forensic and blockchain technologies
Synergistic approach
Designed for law firms
Quick, easy image trustworthiness verification
First deepfake detector for shared images
Fine-tuned deep network approach
Built-in image trustworthiness check
Facts-checking made easier
Enhances news editing reliability
Supports freelance journalists' credibility
Trustworthiness evidence for lawsuits
Provides secure image storage
Helps mitigate cybercrime, disinformation
Can integrate with user APIs
Innovative image authentication system
Trustworthy news promotion
Plays part in disinformation fight
Offers user role in deepfake battle
Adds security, safety online
Payment method and account setup
Supports fight against alarming situations
Contributes to safe social media browsing
Prevents unverified image sharing
Supports right and duty theme
Designed for trustworthiness guarantees
Developed by top-notch researchers
Overcomes social media image alteration


Cannot detect partially altered images
Excludes non-photorealistic images
Not for deepfake videos
Requires account creation
Accuracy rate not absolute
Social media-specific detection
Needs payment method addition
Focused on law and media industries
No native mobile application


What is TrueBees?
How does TrueBees work?
What types of images does TrueBees analyze?
What industries is TrueBees designed for?
Is it possible to integrate TrueBees with my own APIs?
How accurate is TrueBees at detecting deepfakes?
What algorithms does TrueBees use for forensic analysis?
Does TrueBees use blockchain technology and if so, why?
What makes TrueBees different from other similar AI tools?
Can TrueBees detect deepfakes after they've been shared on social media?
Who is TrueBees ideal for?
How can TrueBees help fight against disinformation and cybercrime?
Can TrueBees authenticate online images?
How can TrueBees guarantee the trustworthiness of images?
Can TrueBees help in verifying images for lawsuits?
Why is TrueBees considered a 'good AI'?
Does TrueBees detect AI-generated portraits only or does it detect alterations in real images as well?
How to create an account on TrueBees?
Does TrueBees offer an API for developers?
Does TrueBees detect non-photorealistic AI-generated images like art, graphics, and renderings?

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