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Detect plagiarism in teachers' essays for originality.
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ZeroGPT's AI Detector is a free and highly accurate tool designed to detect AI-generated chatGPT content. It is based on OpenAI's chat GPT technology, including GPT4 and other AI text models.

The tool is primarily aimed at teachers who need to detect AI-generated essays for plagiarism, ensuring originality in student work. ZeroGPT prioritizes user privacy and offers options for consent and personalized ads.The AI Detector stands out for its advanced and reliable detection capabilities.

It highlights every sentence generated by AI within the text and provides a gauge indicating the percentage of AI content present. This feature helps users easily identify and analyze AI-generated portions.

Additionally, the tool supports batch processing of multiple files, automating the checking process in the user-friendly dashboard.ZeroGPT's AI Detector boasts a high accuracy model, trained on various languages to deliver reliable results.

It utilizes DeepAnalyse™ Technology, a multi-stage methodology that optimizes accuracy while minimizing false positives and negatives. The model has undergone extensive training using real-world text collections from the internet, educational datasets, and proprietary synthetic AI datasets.The tool supports detection in multiple languages and generates automatically generated PDF reports for every detection.

These reports serve as proof of AI-free plagiarism and aid in academic integrity. For organizations and websites, ZeroGPT offers a user-friendly API for seamless integration.

It caters to a wide range of users, including teachers, researchers, and individuals interested in identifying AI-generated content.


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Oct 31, 2023
Was really excited for this, but it simply doesn't work. Tested it out on Quora and it falsely flags most things that don't have glaring grammatical errors. One day, I hope they make one of these that actually works so I can properly filter out AI generated content from my feed :/

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