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Analyzes texts & images for AI or human origin.
GPT welcome message: Welcome! I'm here to professionally analyze texts and images for AI or human origin.
Sample prompts:
Examine this document for AI generation.
Analyze this image: is it AI-altered?
Evaluate this text: human or AI?
Check this photo for signs of AI manipulation.
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Smells Like AI is a GPT that functions as a professional tool for examining and interpreting texts and images to determine their origin, whether AI or human.

Its primary purpose is to provide detailed insights into the level of AI involvement in the creation or alteration of texts and images. The GPT, requiring a sign-up process and ChatGPT Plus subscription, utilizes the functionality of ChatGPT to deliver its services.

Smells Like AI begins its interaction with a welcoming message and is capable of carrying out tasks like evaluating documents for AI generation, analyzing images for possible AI modifications, or scrutinizing texts to ascertain if they are human or AI-produced.

The tool is also proficient in observing photos for any signs of AI manipulation. These aspects make Smells Like AI valuable in situations where the distinct identification of AI or human involvement is needed, such as in content creation, content moderation, or digital forensics.

The tool aids in establishing the authenticity and originality of content, building trust and credibility. Therefore, Smells Like AI would be a beneficial asset to anyone from content creators and moderators to researchers and investigators requiring quick and detailed insights into the origination of various texts and images.


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Smells Like AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 20th 2023.
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