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Online threat analysis & harmful content detection
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INSINTO is an AI language analysis tool that aims to empower individuals against online harm. It offers automated threat detection and real-time analysis of harmful content with a reported accuracy rate of 87%.

This tool utilizes the latest language data and trends to understand the evolving nature of online language. To integrate INSINTO into an existing application or network, users can access its AI through an API.

Once implemented, it works independently to identify and address harmful content that is being accessed and shared. This includes the quick detection of malicious content, immediate prevention of access to harmful content, and diligent classification and reporting of such content.INSINTO also mentions that they collaborate with academia and research institutions to stay updated on the latest language trends.

They leverage this knowledge to continually improve their AI analysis model.Additionally, INSINTO offers community plugins that are being developed to detect harmful content anywhere.

Users can integrate their API and start using the solution with a unique access key.The tool's website provides resources such as features, a sign-up option, updates, and contact information.

It also includes relevant policies like Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Cookie Notice, and a Modern Slavery Statement.INSINTO is registered under INSINTO LTD in England and Wales, and their ICO number is ZB504457.


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INSINTO was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 25th 2023.
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