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CyberRiskAI is an AI-powered cybersecurity risk assessment and audit tool that provides businesses with valuable insights to identify and mitigate potential vulnerabilities to their cybersecurity risks.

The tool utilizes the NIST cybersecurity audit framework and comes equipped with templates and checklists to streamline the process and ensure thorough evaluations.

CyberRiskAI offers a hands-off approach, automating quarterly cybersecurity risk audits and producing comprehensive cybersecurity risk assessment reports.

The software is easy to set up and use, providing organizations with a fast, accurate, and affordable service for identifying potential threats to their cyber defenses.

By identifying potential risks, determining the likelihood of those risks, and developing strategies to mitigate them, businesses can be better prepared to prioritize their team's security efforts.

CyberRiskAI conducts interviews with employees to gather information about cybersecurity practices efficiently, and then leverages artificial intelligence to analyze and produce comprehensive and detailed cybersecurity risk assessment reports.

The tool also offers a cybersecurity risk assessment template and tool in Excel, Word, and PDF formats for businesses to conduct their evaluations. The tool is available in different pricing plans for businesses of all sizes, including a free trial to test the product.

CyberRiskAI offers custom pricing plans tailored to meet unique budget and requirement needs, and businesses can request to bring their API keys or use a white label solution.

Overall, CyberRiskAI is a comprehensive cybersecurity auditing and risk assessment tool that businesses can use to protect their sensitive data and ensure the sustainability of their business.


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Cyberriskai was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 5th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


NIST cybersecurity audit framework
Automated quarterly audits
Comprehensive risk assessment reports
User-friendly setup
Conducts employee interviews
Offers templates and checklists
Available in Excel, Word, PDF formats
Custom pricing plans
Option to bring own API keys
White label solution available
Free trial option
Flexible pricing for all business sizes
Efficient information gathering
Detailed exposure and likelihood analysis
Actionable mitigation strategies
Secure data storage


Limited employee interviews
Only follows NIST framework
No mobile platform support
No data integration mentioned
No clear data retention policy
Not explicitly GDPR compliant
Lack of real-time monitoring
Automated strategy may miss human nuances
No community support forum
Lacks live chat support


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Can I get a custom pricing plan for CyberRiskAI according to my needs?
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Can I use CyberRiskAI as a white label solution?
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How does CyberRiskAI ensure the confidentiality of data gathered during the audit?


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