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Fraud prevention & chargeback protection for ecommerce.
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Riskified is an AI-powered fraud and risk intelligence platform designed to assist leading global ecommerce enterprises in their fraud prevention and chargeback fraud protection efforts.

The platform enables businesses to make revenue-critical decisions by leveraging eCommerce risk management tools. Riskified's solution offers a wide range of features, including chargeback guarantee, dispute resolution, account security, policy protection, and PSD2 optimization.The chargeback guarantee feature helps prevent fraud while increasing revenue by approving more legitimate transactions and taking on fraud liability to reduce costs.

It provides real-time order decisions and can scale to adapt to business growth. Dispute resolution streamlines chargeback management operations by offering a centralized platform to view and manage chargebacks across all reason codes and gateways, while automation helps avoid missing chargeback deadlines.Riskified's policy protection feature identifies abusive and expensive shopper behavior, enabling businesses to stop policy abuse and protect their profits.

Additionally, the account secure feature prevents unauthorized access to shopper accounts, building trust by ensuring frictionless access for legitimate customers and blocking malicious account takeover attempts.Moreover, Riskified's PSD2 optimization feature reduces friction and drives conversion by minimizing Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requirements while safeguarding the risk profile with card issuing banks.Overall, Riskified's AI-powered fraud and risk intelligence platform provides enterprise ecommerce merchants with the necessary tools to maximize revenue, expand their business, provide better customer experiences, and mitigate risks associated with fraud, chargebacks, policy abuse, account takeover, and payments.

Riskified was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on October 22nd 2023.
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