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Agentic workflow automation across all of your data
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Cape Privacy is an AI product designed to enhance productivity and time value through agentic workflow automation across various data platforms. It provides a platform for automating a variety of processes such as marketing, compliance, and risk management.

Cape Privacy relies on private Learning Language Models (LLMs) to improve the efficacy of critical marketing functions. It also enhances the 'Know Your Customer' (KYC) processes by improving data accuracy and operational efficiency.

The tool allows users to interact easily with multiple public and private LLMs through an intuitive chat interface known as CapeChat. This chat interface manages to facilitate quick access to relevant insights and answers by seamlessly searching across numerous documents and data sources using AI-powered knowledge retrieval.

Furthermore, Cape Privacy offers the users an opportunity to build their custom applications through Cape API. This API ensures access to the full capabilities of Cape Enterprise, which provides a comprehensive set of functions, enabling personalization based on user needs.Lastly, its Privacy by Default infrastructure ensures the privacy and security of user data, while the agentic workflows function allows for the easy representation of multi-step business processes for repeatable automations.


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Capeprivacy was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 2nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Data privacy
Automatic encryption
Redaction of confidential info
Powerful language model
OCR feature
Voice capabilities
NDA feature
Specify data exclusions
Secure enclaves
Data destruction post-processing
Isolated compute environments
Workflow automation
Agentic workflows
Operational efficiency enhancements
KYC Process improvement
Data accuracy improvement
Chat interface
Access to private LLMs
Build custom applications
API full capabilities access
Marketing automation
Compliance management
Risk management
Improves productivity
Reduces time to value
CapeChat for ease of use
Supports multiple LLMs
Easy search across documents
Repeatable automations
Effective marketing functions
Privacy by default
Gartner TRISM Market Guide
451 Group Encryption-In-Use Report
Matt Turck's MAD Landscape recognition
Estimated marketing time savings
Projected operational cost savings
Third party risk management
Total redaction count display


No storage capabilities
No network access
No shell access
Closed ecosystem
Limited compatibility
Dependent on Cape API
No-code workflow limitations
Limited language model choices
Customization reliant on Cape API
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