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Analyzed dark pool trading data for businesses.
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Dark Pools is an AI-driven platform that specializes in hyper-dimensional data enabled solutions for various industries, such as financial services, government, retail, and telecommunication.

The platform offers customized anomaly detection, operational workflows for machine learning, and network ensemble robust machine learning tools. Dark Pools' expertise in automated machine learning supports organizations across the world in meeting their specific requirements while delivering effective, intelligence-driven automation, acceleration, and transparency through every step of the data science lifecycle.

With a flexible architecture designed around Industry Business Ontology (IBO), the extensible platform can scale to meet the complexity of service use cases.

The ML architecture is capable of efficiently detecting financial crimes in real-time. The company's mission is to provide high-value smart solutions that increase revenue, optimize operations, mitigate risks, and personalize customer experiences.

The platform offers customer resources, news, and company information and serves a wide range of customers.


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