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Chat with your data - AI-driven data analysis and visualization tool.
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DataLine is an artificial intelligence (AI)-based tool designed for data analysis and visualization. Leveraging a unique feature where users can interact with their data using a chat interface, DataLine allows users to generate tables, charts, and dashboards just by having a conversation with their data.

The tool presents an intuitive way for non-technical individuals to query and understand their data without needing to know complex SQL syntax or data manipulation techniques.

On the other hand, it provides developers with a superior Text2SQL solution, making it easier for them to extract, manipulate, and utilize data effectively.

DataLine also offers open source access to its Text2SQL innovation and data analysis and visualization project on GitHub. Privacy, data security, and user support are also provided with a comprehensive set of resources available on the tool's website such as a blog for updates, a contact page for direct support, a privacy policy for clarity on data usage, and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for user convenience.


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Pros and Cons


Chat interface data interaction
Generates tables, charts, dashboards
Intuitive for non-technical users
No SQL syntax knowledge needed
Text2SQL solution for developers
Open source software
Privacy and data security
Comprehensive user support
Blog updates
Contact page for support
Clear privacy policy
FAQs for convenience
Open source access on GitHub


Dependent on chat interface
May lack advanced query options
Requires effective text2SQL syntax
Dependent on data source compatibility
Not suitable for complex analyses
Limited chart and dashboard customization
May not support all data types
Dependency on GitHub for open source updates
Complex for non conversational individuals
Language barrier issues for non-English speakers


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Is DataLine an open source software?
How does DataLine handle complex data manipulation techniques?
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Can I use DataLine for my business data analysis needs?

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