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Data cleaning & visualization for insights gained.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered data analytics tool that automates data cleaning and visualization processes, helping users to quickly turn raw data into actionable insights without the need for formulas, macros, or code.

Users can upload Excel, CSV, or Google Sheet data files, which are automatically cleaned for inconsistencies by DataSquirrel’s AI system. The tool also offers auto-analysis and customizable interactive dashboards or reports, enabling users to create reports and dashboards in minutes.DataSquirrel saves users time and reduces stress by eliminating manual data cleaning processes, automatically correcting input errors, empty rows, typos, and different date formats, and generating compelling visuals that tell the story of their data.

DataSquirrel's platform is GDPR/PDPA-compliant, and its features include secure data processing, anonymization by default, and easy collaboration with team members through visual sharing, commenting, and annotation capabilities.Users can create different reports with only relevant charts, KPIs, or tabular data for different audiences and share them as dashboards, presentations, or PDFs.

DataSquirrel also offers use cases across various industries, including B2B eCommerce, HR, financial accounting, and survey data analysis. With a user-friendly interface and guided data processing, DataSquirrel aims to help users make better decisions faster and see data as both exciting and useful.


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Aug 1, 2023
It is the ease of use for me. DataSquirrel is fast, the UI is super intuitive, and the guided analysis feature is highly convenient. I have officially moved from uploading CSV files from Google sheet to DataSquirrel. Within minutes, I can visualize my data and interpreting it becomes super simple.
Jun 28, 2023
I am biased of course, but 1000's of people worldwide clean and visualise data within minutes. No integration, no code, no formulas.
Jun 28, 2023
Definitely, I love how all the data cleaning and visualization can be done instantly. Safe time for me to do other things.
Jun 19, 2023
I love it, it's a huge time saver
Jun 19, 2023
Analysing data has never been simpler. Great tool!

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Pros and Cons


Automates data cleaning
Automates data visualization
No need for formulas
No need for macros
No need for code
Supports Excel, CSV, Google Sheet
Automatic error correction
Automatic typo correction
Cleans different date formats
Anonymization by default
Offers secure data processing
Facilitates easy team collaboration
Visual sharing capabilities
Annotation capabilities
Customizable interactive dashboards
Customizable reports
Multiple report sharing formats
Industry-specific use cases
Can handle ad-hoc analysis
Automated combining of data
Automated cleaning of data
Automated pivoting of data
Automated visualization of data
GDPR/PDPA-compliant platform
100% secure data processing
Offers visual sharing via email
Offers visual sharing via Telegram
Offers visual sharing via Whatsapp
Offers visual sharing via Slack
Supports collaborative annotations on charts
Generates different reports for different audiences
Simplifies data analysis
User-friendly interface
Saves user's time
Eliminates manual data cleaning
Guided data processing
Reduces stress associated with data cleaning
Automated data wrangling
Supports varied report formats
Automatic inconsistency checking


Limited to Excel/CSV/Google Sheets
No SQL support
Limited customization for dashboards
Not suitable for complex data
No data processing other than cleaning
Confined to GDPR/PDPA
Limited industry use cases
No onsite deployment
No explicit multi-language support
Automatic corrections may be erroneous


What is DataSquirrel?
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How is DataSquirrel different from other data analysis tools?
Are my data safe when using DataSquirrel?
Why does DataSquirrel emphasize a feature of anonymization by default?
How does the collaboration feature work within DataSquirrel?
Can I customize the visuals and reports in DataSquirrel?
Does DataSquirrel only work with business data?
How user-friendly is DataSquirrel?
Can DataSquirrel handle ad-hoc analysis?
Can I share generated reports from DataSquirrel?
Can DataSquirrel correct different date formats and other input errors stumatically?
Does DataSquirrel comply with GDPR and PDPA?
How quickly can I clean and visualize a data set using DataSquirrel?
In which industries can I apply the use cases of DataSquirrel?
How does DataSquirrel auto-analyze data?
What is SquirrelBot in DataSquirrel?

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