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AI Stock Data Analysis
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What can this GPT do?
Analyze bullish trend of Axis Bank
Analyze bearish trend of Bandhan Bank
Show me support and resistance of HDFC Bank
Analyze a few bullish candle patterns of TCS and give me a bullish score between 0 to 10
Analyze a few bullish candle patterns of Zomato and give me a bullish score between 0 to 10
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Algorum Mystic is a GPT primarily designed to facilitate AI-driven stock data analysis. Its essential features focus on analyzing various aspects of financial markets metrics, making it an accessory tool for individual investors, market analysts, and financial institutions who are interested in advanced, AI-powered data interpretation.

With Algorum Mystic, users can analyze and understand bullish and bearish trends of various stocks, allowing for more informed decision making in their trading activities.

This GPT can provide insights on specific stocks like Axis Bank, Bandhan Bank, HDFC Bank, TCS, and Zomato, among others. Moreover, the tool offers the ability to visualise support and resistance levels of specific financial instruments.

This GPT is not just able to carry out rudimentary assessments; it can also analyze specific bullish candle patterns and provide a bullish score between 0 to 10 based on the data.

The primary aim of this GPT is to equip users with artificial intelligence capabilities to help them interpret, understand, and predict market trends.

However, it's key to remember that while AI can offer significant insights, personal research and experience remain crucial factors in the realm of investment and trading.

Users wishing to utilize Algorum Mystic will need to sign up to ChatGPT Plus as it is built on top of it.


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Algorum Mystic was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 15th 2023.
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