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Chat2Invest is an AI-powered chatbot that assists users in engaging with the stock market. Its key function includes simplifying stock market investing by providing technical and fundamental analysis of stocks.

The tool is adept at dissecting stock trends, patterns, and indicators, aiding users in making informed investment decisions. It also helps in understanding the financial health of companies by analyzing key financial indicators like revenue, earnings, and debt.

Apart from these, Chat2Invest provides a news analysis feature that provides summaries and sentiment analysis of news articles, helping the investors to stay abreast of the happenings impacting stocks.

Users can invest in the US and China stock markets with detailed analysis from Chat2Invest. It also allows users to access up to 20 years of trade data, creating opportunities for building customized trading systems.

Besides these features, the tool provides support for multiple trading strategies and a learning center for users to gain investment knowledge. It is pertinent to note that while Chat2Invest assists in informed decision-making, the responsibility for trading decisions and results remains with the users.

Lastly, the tool only offers end-of-day data for the US and China stock markets and not intraday data.


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Chat2Invest was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 4th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Technical and fundamental analysis
Dissecting stock trends
Analyzing indicators
Financial health analysis
News analysis feature
Sentiment analysis
Supports US and China markets
Access to 20 years trade data
Multiple trading strategies support
Investment learning center
Detailed stock analysis
Trade data for customized systems
Summaries of news articles
User assistance in decision-making
End-of-day data provision
Analysis of earnings and debt
Access to stock/ETF pool
Simplified investment strategy
Simplified stock market investing
Chats to invest feature
Investment questions answering
Support for existing trading platform
Enhance user trading experience
Helps in informed trading decisions


No intraday data
US and China only
Doesn't execute trades
Lacks real-time news analysis
No multi-language support
No mobile app
No collaborative features
No integration with trading platforms
Not fully automated
Limited by available trade data


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Does Chat2Invest provide intraday data for stock trading?
What platforms are compatible with Chat2Invest?


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