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Convert data into revenue with AI-powered analytics.
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Sisense is an AI-powered analytics platform built to embed intelligence into various products. It offers tools for pro-code, low-code, and no-code capabilities, making it applicable to a range of users from developers to end-users.

With Sisense, users can seamlessly create analytical experiences, manage analytics through the release processes, and easily access data from multiple sources.

The platform also features conversational analytics capability, which enriches user experience with analytics chatbots, narratives, and AI features. Advanced users have access to a RESTful web API, and developers can run standard SQL queries to get data from data models.

One key feature of Sisense is its actionable intelligence capability enabling users to take direct actions based on data-driven insights. It provides explainability, allowing users to assess data outcomes and interpret analytics.

Sisense is scalable, simplifying the developing and managing of analytics, and offers the ability to join multiple data sources and create relationships for extensive data modelling.

With its single sign-on feature, Sisense further improves user experience by streamlining the authentication process. The platform caters to several industries, including healthcare, retail, manufacturing, tech, financial services, and pharma and life sciences, helping businesses achieve their goals through data-driven decisions.


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Pros and Cons


Pro-code, low-code, no-code capabilities
Seamless analytical experiences
Scalability for analytics management
Multi-source data access
Conversational analytics feature
RESTful web API for developers
Actionable intelligence capability
Data interpretability (Explainability)
Data modelling across multiple sources
Single sign-on feature
Industry-specific applicability
Git Integration
Standard SQL queries for data extraction
User and developer authentication
Developer-friendly with API and SDKs
Embeddable intelligent analytics
Javascript API for custom widgets
Cloud and on-premise deployment
Connectivity for quick data access
Comprehensive data visualization
Extensive data modeling capability
Robust security and authentication
API and SDK compatibility
Supports multiple data connectors
Scalability and flexibility
Interactive data exploration options
Enables actionable insights
Data storytelling for decision making
Supports various industries & departments
Git integration for developers
Analytic chatbots and narratives
Workflows for release processes
Cloud-native for fast performance
Data outcomes for analytics interpretation
Developer Portal and Playground


No-code usability not specified
SQL needed for data extraction
Complex for basic users
Limited explainability features
Dependent on data quality
No obvious real-time capabilities
Limited predictive analytics
Learning curve for SDK
Industry-specific features not specified
Limited tools for data cleaning


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