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Byzezhou lin
Data analyst and creative aide for GPT Store apps.
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Sample prompts:
Summarize app trends.
Suggest a popular plugin.
Analyze keyword searches.
Advise on my app idea.
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GPT Insight Analyzer is a Generalized Pre-training Transformer (GPT) which acts as a data analyst and creative assistant for the GPT Store apps. It is designed to facilitate the understanding and use of data and insights associated with apps on the GPT Store.

This tool helps users articulate and analyze popular trends and insights associated with numerous apps. Also, it can suggest most-used plugins by studying the usage trends across the store and provide guidance on potential app ideas.

Additionally, it assists businesses and individuals in comprehending the performance patterns of applications by analyzing keyword searches, thereby giving them valuable intelligence on user behavior and preferences.

The GPT Insight Analyzer via its prompt starters, it can summarize app trends, suggesting popular plugins, advising on app ideas and assist in analyzing keyword trends.

In summary, the GPT Insight Analyzer is a valuable GPT that helps in in-depth data analysis and offers creative support for the users of GPT store apps.


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GPT Insight Analyzer was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 21st 2023.
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