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Automated CRM feedback for better sales calls.
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Smarter Sales is an AI-assisted CRM automation tool designed to streamline sales call data management for sales teams. The application integrates with several communication software such as Zoom, Teams, and Meets to pull all call recordings for examination and provides automated CRM data entry, saving significant time for the sales team.

After each call, the AI provides instant, personalized feedback based on the performance of the sales team members, identifying strengths and areas for improvement.

Managers can use the detailed performance dashboards and summarized email reports provided by the application to make data-driven coaching decisions effectively.

Additionally, the app allows for a completely customizable experience, allowing users to set their own CRM preferences and extract specific data needed from each call.

Smarter Sales also features personalized AI for your business to help understand sales data better, access learning material, and create stunning charts on your sales calls.

The Smarter Sales application intends to improve sales performance metrics to sell smarter, not harder. Users can sign up for a one-month free trial and lock in early-access price while working directly with the Smarter Sales team.

Overall, the app provides a seamless integration with communication software/tools, automated data entry, personalized feedback, data-driven coaching decisions, data extraction, and personalized AI, which are essential requirements for managing and improving sales call data.


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Pros and Cons


Integrates with multiple communication software
Automates CRM data entry
Provides instant personalized feedback
Detailed performance dashboards
Offers summarized email reports
Facilitates data-driven coaching
Extensively customizable experience
Self-set CRM data preferences
Access to instant learning material
Creates visual sales charts
One-month free trial
Early-access price lock
Direct work with SmarterSales team
Saves up to 80% time
Instant insights for managers
Tailors to unique sales process
Analyzes sales performance metrics
In-depth call recording examination
Streamlines sales call data management


Relies on external communication software
Limited CRM integration options
Non-transparent pricing after trial
Limited learning material
No offline mode
High dependency on connectivity
Customization may confuse beginners
Data privacy concerns
No built-in communication tool


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How does Smarter Sales claim to save time for sales teams?

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