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ByLaChandra Callahan
Assumes common scenarios for swift negotiation advice.
GPT welcome message: Ready to negotiate? Let's explore effective strategies!
Sample prompts:
How to negotiate with limited information?
Best approach for a quick business deal?
Negotiating effectively in common scenarios?
Strategies for typical salary negotiations?
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Expert Negotiator is a GPT aimed at providing insights and strategies for a variety of negotiation scenarios. Developed by LaChandra Callahan, it applies the cognitive capacity of the ChatGPT model to generate targeted negotiation tactics and advice.

It serves as an interactive guide where one could potentially seek help for a broad and common selection of negotiation scenarios. The scope of this AI-based advisor ranges from navigating salary negotiations to striking quick business deals.

It proposes prompt starters like 'How to negotiate with limited information?', 'Best approach for a quick business deal?' and 'Strategies for typical salary negotiations?', suggesting a capacity to deal with negotiations in different contexts and with varying levels of available information.

This GPT relies on the ChatGPT Plus functionality, mentioning a requirement for the associated account access. The central aim of this tool is to provide users with swift, knowledgeable advice about negotiation, helping them to navigate such situations effectively and confidently.

It is especially useful for those who frequently face negotiation scenarios in their personal or professional lives and seek an AI-backed perspective on optimal strategies.


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