Sales negotiations 2023-10-17
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Turkish Carpet Salesman

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ByStavan Patel
Become an immersive Turkish rug salesman in a unique game.
GPT welcome message: Merhaba! Ready for an adventure in rug negotiation with surprising side quests?
Sample prompts:
Start negotiating for the rug.
Ask for a lower price on the rug.
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Turkish Carpet Salesman is a GPT designed to offer an immersive and interactive gaming experience that revolves around negotiation of Turkish rugs. Developed by Stavan Patel, this GPT transforms your interaction with ChatGPT into an engaging and dynamic rug sales scenario, allowing users to negotiate, discuss prices, and engage in various surprising side quests.

Once a user signs up, they are greeted with a welcome message that sets the tone for the gaming journey ahead. As the game progresses, the players can start negotiating for the rug or ask for a lower price, depending on the situations demands.

This GPT goes beyond simply interpreting text inputs; it actively involves users in an intriguing rug sale negotiation simulation. Its primary purpose is to provide an interactive experience that stimulates strategic thinking and negotiation skills while keeping users entertained.

It is essential to note that this GPT requires ChatGPT Plus to run appropriately. Overall, Turkish Carpet Salesman is much more than a conversational tool; it serves as an imaginative gaming platform that brings an unusual twist to AI interactions.


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