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SalesGPT is an AI tool powered by Bravado, a professional sales network. It utilizes Bravado's exclusive sales database and taps into the collective knowledge of the Bravado community to educate its AI engine.

The tool aims to assist users in finding answers to their toughest sales questions.SalesGPT has the capability to generate AI-generated answers that summarize relevant resources.

It also identifies and presents the members who have contributed to supporting sources, providing users with additional insights from experienced professionals.However, there are certain limitations to SalesGPT.

It cannot write cold emails, make cold calls, or edit resumes. Additionally, it is not currently able to apply to jobs or find candidates on the Bravado platform.As a beta version, SalesGPT is able to answer a considerable number of questions, but there is still room for improvement.

Future plans include integrating SalesGPT across the Bravado product suite, reflecting the tool's potential for expansion and enhancement.Users who communicate with SalesGPT should be aware that they are agreeing to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy set forth by Bravado.Overall, SalesGPT is a powerful AI tool that leverages the knowledge and expertise of the Bravado community to provide valuable sales-related insights and answers to users' inquiries.


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Aug 7, 2023
contoh pekerjaan sales yang pernah sudah saya lakukan perbaikan?

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SalesGPT was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 22nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Exclusive access to Bravado's database
Utilizes collective community knowledge
Identifies contributing members
Provides additional insights
Potential expansion capabilities
Integration in Bravado suite planned
Valuable sales-related insights
Answers tough sales questions
Non-repetitive conversation style
Compliant with Bravado TOS


Cannot write cold emails
Doesn't make cold calls
Doesn't edit resumes
Cannot apply to jobs
Cannot find candidates
Doesn't remember earlier conversations
Beta version: room for improvement
Dependent on Bravado's network
Restricted by Bravado's TOS


What is SalesGPT?
How does SalesGPT utilize the Bravado sales database?
What type of questions can SalesGPT answer?
Can SalesGPT write cold emails?
Does SalesGPT offer functionalities for job applications?
How does SalesGPT present its users with relevant resources?
Will SalesGPT remember previous conversations or queries?
What are the limitations of the SalesGPT?
How does SalesGPT tap into the knowledge within the Bravado community?
What are the future plans for integrating SalesGPT across the Bravado product suite?
What terms of service and privacy policy do users agree to when using SalesGPT?
Does SalesGPT find candidates within the Bravado platform?
How does SalesGPT generate relevant AI answers?
How can SalesGPT help me improve my sales skills?
Is there any fee associated with using SalesGPT?
Does SalesGPT make cold calls on behalf of its users?
Can SalesGPT edit my resume?
Why is the SalesGPT considered a beta version?
Are there plans to expand or enhance the features of SalesGPT?
Can I use SalesGPT to get insights on certain companies and job positions?


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