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Automated assistant handles inquiries, orders, emails.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI tool designed to automate the processing of incoming inquiries and requests for quotation. It integrates with your ERP system and can process inquiries received in e-mail free-text form or as PDF attachments.

The tool extracts and validates order information from e-mail conversations, PDF, and Excel attachments, checking it against your master data. It identifies any discrepancies or missing information and provides real-time feedback.Using artificial intelligence, analyzes your product information and develops a technical understanding.

This enables the tool to process orders even without part numbers and suggest options for unambiguous article assignment.The tool also manages emails in a centralized dashboard, categorizing them based on their content and assigning them to the appropriate team member.

This allows for better organization and ensures that everyone in your team can stay on top of incoming inquiries and can be easily integrated with various ERP and CRM systems, including SAP R3, SAP S4, MS Dynamics, and ABAS.

This enables seamless data transfer and customization based on your specific requirements.By automating the processing of inquiries and quotes, streamlines your sales operations, eliminates transmission errors, and improves efficiency.

It reduces the time spent searching through emails and copying information between systems. With faster response times, you can gain a competitive edge and increase conversion rates.


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Pros and Cons


Automates processing inquiries
ERP system integration
Processes email free-text inquiries
Processes PDF inquiries
Validates order information
Real-time discrepancy detection
Centralized email management
Analyses product information
Can process orders without part numbers
Categorizes emails based on content
Assigns emails to team members
Integrated with various ERP and CRM systems
Streamlines sales operations
Eliminates transmission errors
Improves operational efficiency
Reduces time spent on emails
Faster response times
Increases conversion rates
Real-time customer satisfaction
Provides options for article assignment
One click away from your CRM & ERP-system
Transforms inside sales
Supports inside sales teams
Responds to customer inquiries in hours
Outpaces competitors
Collects relevant communication around quotes
Automatic validation of extracted information


Limited ERP/CRM integrations
Free text interpretation issues
Potential for incorrect categorizations
Dependency on email communication
No multi-language support mentioned
Unclear response in gaps of data
No offline functionality
Unmentioned security measures
No specified onboarding assistance
No mobile app version


What is
How does operate?
What kind of inquiries can process?
How does validate order information extracted from emails or attachments?
How does integrate with ERP Systems?
Can process orders without part numbers?
How does manage emails?
What ERP and CRM systems is compatible with?
How does improve efficiency?
How does help improve the speed of response time?
How does help in avoiding transmission errors?
Can I customise according to my requirements?
What are the key benefits of using
Can orders and quotations in be adjusted before submission?
What do real-time customer satisfaction and efficient order and inquiry processing look like in
What does 'AI-powered product matching' in mean?
What is the centralized dashboard?
How does identify missing information?
Does offer interfaces to established ERP solutions?
How can transform my inside sales operations?

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