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Automated email campaigns for sales growth.
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AiSDR is an AI tool designed to automate and optimize email campaigns and lead management processes, ultimately helping businesses grow their sales pipeline and reduce costs.

With AiSDR, users can create and send personalized email campaigns on auto-pilot, accelerating the movement of prospects down their sales funnel with the assistance of AI technology.The tool offers features for both outbound and inbound marketing strategies.

For outbound efforts, users can connect their ZoomInfo account or upload a spreadsheet to identify leads that fit their ideal customer profile, going beyond basic company size, industry, and role criteria.

For inbound strategies, users can connect their HubSpot account or website intake form, allowing AiSDR to handle follow-ups and lead qualification automatically, booking meetings or adding leads to tailored nurturing campaigns.AiSDR also helps users engage prospects by leveraging insights gathered from previous interactions.

By specifying the most common objections and how they were addressed, AiSDR uses this information to convince prospects to book a call with a sales representative.

Additionally, AiSDR simplifies the process of creating email campaigns by generating personalized content based on the user's objectives, eliminating the need for manual crafting.Furthermore, AiSDR optimizes the booking process by leveraging its integrations and advanced generative AI technology, increasing meeting bookings while reducing costs compared to traditional SDRs.

The tool acts as an AI SDR, managing lead scoring, delivery, content, nurturing, follow-ups, and objections, allowing users to focus solely on conducting meetings.AiSDR is suitable for start-ups aiming to keep overhead costs low and invest in business growth, as well as marketing teams struggling to move inbound leads through the sales funnel without a dedicated SDR.

Additionally, it supports sales teams by automating the scheduling of new sales calls and improving lead scoring and qualification.Pricing for AiSDR starts at $750 per month for either 1,000 emails sent or 10 meetings booked.


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