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ByTeddy Ginorio
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Sales Coach Pro AI is a GPT designed to help users improve and evolve their sales strategies in a number of ways. Acting as a virtual sales coach, it can provide advice on enhancing sales pitches and techniques, aid in the construction of a coherent and persuasive sales script, and assist with tips to close deals successfully.

This tool is also built to help fuel motivation as needed, recognizing the role of morale in effective selling. It provides a platform for users to pose questions such as 'How can I improve my pitch?' or 'Any tips for closing a deal?'.

Sales Coach Pro AI also extends its functionality to help users define and understand buyer personas better, an essential aspect of strategizing sales in any business sector.

This tool requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription, indicating it runs on top of the chatbot AI technology known as ChatGPT. To access the features offered by the platform, users need to sign up.

The GPT tool's use extends to anyone looking to improve their selling skills or anyone in sales-based roles.


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