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Seabiscuit Sales Strategist is a GPT that aims to optimize a company's sales approach and effectiveness. Its core functions can be separated into three main areas: identifying the most suitable business model for a particular company, refining the company's sales methodology, and providing customized resources and suggestions tailored to enhance the company's sales performance.

It's an interactive tool, meaning it actively engages users to better understand their needs and subsequently provide them with meaningful, industry-specific advice and strategies.

As a sophisticated AI built on ChatGPT, this tool does not simply present a static set of information, but rather uses its capabilities to offer dynamic solutions.

It's important to note that, to interact with this tool, users are required to have the ChatGPT Plus. After signing up, users are greeted with a welcoming message that encourages them to explore various sales strategies together.

The tool also offers prompt starters to help users initiate queries or discussions around developing their ultimate sales methodology. This makes it a viable option for businesses looking to fine-tune their sales strategy and methodology, fostering improved sales performance and success.


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