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Sample prompts:
Teach me about champion enablement
Teach me about dyadic links in b2b sales
Test my knowledge
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Internal Champions GPT is a specialized tool developed to enhance the operations of sales and marketing professionals in a business setting. The primary focus of this GPT is to provide users with an in-depth understanding of 'champion enablement' and 'dyadic links in b2b sales', thus helping them optimize their strategies.

Champion enablement is a key concept, often used in the tech business industry, to refer to the process of garnering support within a client's organization to facilitate the sale or adoption of a product.

On the other hand, dyadic links in b2b sales refers to the relationships between two entities in a business-to-business (b2b) setting. Through an interactive and engaging format, users have the chance to learn about these critical sales concepts and strategies.

To further help users fortify their understanding, the GPT also incorporates prompt starters that serve as knowledge tests. For example, 'Test my knowledge' is a command that challenges users to apply what they've learned.

Users can make use of these features to not only acquire knowledge but also validate their understanding. Please note, this GPT requires ChatGPT Plus to function effectively.


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