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Boost sales through coaching and marketing improvement.
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Highspot is an advanced sales enablement solution that offers a comprehensive platform and tools for improving marketing effectiveness and increasing sales.

It provides features such as content management, sales plays and playbooks, buyer engagement, sales training, and sales coaching. The platform also offers analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), security, and integrations with other tools.

Some of the key benefits of Highspot include empowering teams to manage content, train and coach representatives, and engage buyers on its highly rated sales enablement platform.

It helps teams use data to enhance their effectiveness and efficiency, driving consistent performance across the sales team. One notable feature is Highspot's Copilot, an AI-powered digital sales assistant that equips, trains, and coaches teams to increase their sales productivity.

Highspot caters to various industries, including financial services, manufacturing, life sciences, healthcare, and technology. It offers resources such as a blog, ebooks, guides, videos, analyst research, and success stories to provide insights and support to users.

In addition, the platform has a marketplace and partners with technology solutions for better performance. Highspot values privacy and offers cookie preferences and a comprehensive privacy policy to ensure user data protection.

The company provides an overview of its leadership team, investors, news updates, and contact information for further inquiries. Overall, Highspot is a powerful sales enablement solution that combines advanced features, AI technology, and industry-specific solutions to help teams improve their sales effectiveness and drive revenue growth.

Highspot was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on October 22nd 2023.
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