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Simulation and improvement of sales rep conversations.
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Second Nature's sales training software uses AI-based conversational technology to simulate actual discussions with sales reps. This allows reps to practice their sales conversations in a safe, low-pressure environment and to improve their sales skills.

The software helps sales reps to better understand the customer’s needs and to close more deals. It also provides sales leaders with insights into the reps' performance, so they can focus on areas that need improvement.

The software is used by thousands of customers worldwide and has been proven to improve sales proficiency by up to 45%, increase sales win rate by up to 28%, and reduce onboarding time.

Second Nature is also a leader in the Info-Tech 2022 Sales Coaching Data Quadrant, which provides a comprehensive evaluation of popular products in the Sales Coaching market.

The software offers the ability to practice any type of conversation with AI-based sales trainers and provides real-time feedback. This helps sales reps become more confident and successful in their sales conversations.


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Pros and Cons


Simulation of actual discussions
Safe, low-pressure environment
Helps improve sales skills
Understand customer's needs
Increase sales win rate
Reduces onboarding time
Leader in Sales Coaching
Practice any conversation type
Real-time feedback
Increases reps' confidence
Performance insights for leaders
Proven sales proficiency improvement
Chosen by world-class companies
Customizable avatars for training
Available anytime, anywhere
Compliance and certifications
Preferred by 95% reps
Opens 3x sales opportunities
Allows global rollout
Shortens onboarding process
Improves delivery by 48%
Creates safe practice space
Scaled sales coaching system
Distinguished in Info-Tech Quadrant


Lacks customization
No multi-language support
Only sales-focused
Limited trainers selection
No offline mode
Tokens-based pricing
Unclear data privacy


What is Second Nature's AI sales training software?
How does Second Nature help improve sales conversations?
What kind of real-time feedback does Second Nature provide to sales reps?
How many customers does Second Nature have worldwide?
What improvement metrics do Second Nature offer?
Which companies use Second Nature's sales training software?
Can I practise any type of conversation with Second Nature's AI trainers?
Does Second Nature's AI software also offer insights for sales leaders?
What awards or recognition has Second Nature received in the sales coaching market?
How does Second Nature AI software help in onboarding sales reps faster?
How does Second Nature's software simulate actual discussions with the reps?
How can Second Nature help increase the sales win rate?
How does Second Nature contribute to improving sales proficiency?
Can Second Nature replicate the pressure of a real sales conversation?
What is the Info-Tech 2022 Sales Coaching Data Quadrant and how does Second Nature rank in it?
Is there a demo of Second Nature that I can try out?
How do sales reps find the training methods provided by Second Nature as compared to other methods?
Can I create custom avatars with Second Nature's AI sales training software?
Do you need any specific technical skills to use Second Nature?
Does Second Nature keep any metrics to measure the success of the training sessions?

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