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ByTim OShea
Coaching your sales through role play.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Ready to sharpen your sales skills?
Sample prompts:
I sell SAAS
I sell B2B Services
I sell B2C Services
I sell B2C Consumer Goods
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Sales Mentor is a GPT designed to assist and enhance your sales skills through role play. Crafted to be used with ChatGPT, this GPT acts as a digital coach for individuals and businesses seeking to improve their sales abilities.

Providing a hands-on, interactive experience, users begin by introducing their business, allowing Sales Mentor to devise role play scenarios that align with their specific needs and industry.

Users can employ formulated prompt starters such as 'I sell SAAS', 'I sell B2B Services', 'I sell B2C Services', or 'I sell B2C Consumer Goods' to initiate the mentoring sessions.

This AI tool is an effective solution for those keen on honing their sales skills in a personalized, flexible, and innovative manner. The tool's capacity to adapt to a range of different business types and sales scenarios makes it a versatile asset to any business's sales training arsenal.

Users should note that access to Sales Mentor requires ChatGPT Plus. Given the dynamic and constantly evolving nature of sales, having an AI-based tool like Sales Mentor offers a valuable opportunity for continuous learning and skill enhancement.


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