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ByRyan Lozano
Your ride or die in sales methodologies.
GPT welcome message: Welcome to Sales A.I Companion! To tailor our conversation, could you please share your industry and top 3 competitors?
Sample prompts:
How do I apply MEDDPICC to my sales process?
Use Cases or Customer Stories?
What's your buyer persona?
I should be an expert in what company?
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Sales A.I Companion is a GPT designed to support and guide users in the field of sales, with a special focus on sales methodologies. Drawing on the knowledge encapsulated within the top ten internationally best-selling sales strategy books, the tool positions itself as a reliable partner in exploring and applying best practice sales techniques and strategies.

This GPT platform doesn't only provide users with answers, it encourages them to ask questions, enabling them to access its expansive base of sales wisdom.

Subscribers are welcomed with a message inviting them to share their industry and top three competitors, which facilitates the generation of curated advice for the user's unique professional landscape.

This GPT also provides prompt starters aimed at guiding users in applying advanced sales models such as MEDDPICC in real-world scenarios. It helps in identifying and understanding buyer personas and provides case studies and customer stories that users can learn from.

While adept at interpreting and responding to user queries, the Sales A.I Companion also encourages the users to self-educate by prompting them to explore and become experts in the companies they aim to approach for their sales endeavors.


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