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Enhancing sales coaching with video roleplay.
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Awarathon is an AI-driven, video roleplay platform designed to enhance sales coaching. It provides a virtual training environment that aids sales teams in crafting efficient selling pitches.

The platform hosts an AI persona, Trinity, that simulates real-world sales scenarios to help improve sales representatives' pitching skills. Awarathon also features practice modules that offer continuous practice to help perfect sales team's salesmanship, improving their chances of closing deals.

The AI-enabled tool not only aids in sales training but also generates performance reports through its AI indexer, enabling sales representatives to consistently refine their sales pitches.

Furthermore, it accommodates a range of industries including financial services, life sciences, and retail. Awarathon is designed to enhance performance, optimize workflows, and foster revenue growth across sales teams, while also providing insightful data to sales managers for performance review.

The platform also supports the synchronization with other LMS platforms, reinforcing efficient and seamless training processes.


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Pros and Cons


Video roleplay platform
Virtual training environment
Real-world sales scenarios simulation
Continuous practice modules
Enhances salesmanship
Generates performance reports
Aids in sales training
Accommodates various industries
Designed for performance enhancement
Optimizes workflows
Fosters revenue growth
Provides data for performance review
Synchronization with other LMS
Sales role-play
25% improved customer time
50% improved skill competency
25% increase in brand exposure
50% improved learner engagement
Continuous practice for perfection
Improves chances of closing deals
Role Play Assessment
Reports and Analytics
Trusted by globally renowned companies
Multiple practice sessions
Provides insights for managers
Video-based assessment
Video roleplay features
Sales optimization report module
Streamlines business process
Easy to understand Report dashboards
Risk-free practice environment
Detailed assessments and knowledge quizzes
Streamlines onboarding processes
Improves work efficiency


No multi-language support
Limited industry applicability
No mobile app
No offline capabilities
Lacks customization features
No collaboration features
Unspecified data security measures
No interactive learning tools


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