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GitGab is an AI tool that connects with Github repositories and ChatGPT to provide various features, such as bug finding, documentation writing, and code optimization.

It enables ChatGPT to contextualize its implementation with the code provided in the repositories. GitGab has flexible pricing options and offers a free trial, with support for different models of your choice.

It assures complete privacy as it does not share any data with 3rd parties. Moreover, it ensures the highest level of security by using state-of-the-art encryption when storing sensitive data.

The founder of GitGab is Philip Gabardo, a full-stack software engineer with 7 years of industry experience, who also founded Alammex. As an AI tool, GitGab helps developers to optimize their coding processes and deliver high-quality code by finding bugs and writing effective documentation.

Integrating GitGab with Github repositories and ChatGPT enhances the natural language processing capabilities of ChatGPT, enabling it to better understand the developer's code.

This integration helps ChatGPT provide relevant suggestions for optimization, saving time and effort. GitGab offers additional support through its online community and social media channels, which provide assistance and help developers stay up-to-date with the latest features and updates.

Overall, GitGab provides a reliable and flexible way to enhance coding processes, making it an essential tool for developers seeking to deliver high-quality code.


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Aug 14, 2023
load of baloonie for the site. can use only one or two file and one or two prompts
Nov 9, 2023
Hey Sneha - another update: GitGab now supports the 128K token context window model, allowing for analysis of much more code! This is a massive improvement and should address your feedback. Thanks, Phil
Nov 5, 2023
Hey Sneha - this is Phil (developer of GitGab). Just wanted to let you know that you can select models with larger context windows (eg. gpt turbo, with 16k tokens or gpt-4 with 8k tokens), but you'll need to pay for that usage.

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Pros and Cons


Github integration
ChatGPT integration
Bug detection
Documentation writing
Code optimization
Flexible pricing
Free trial
Supports different models
Privacy assured
Doesn't collect repository data
State-of-the-art encryption
Developed by experienced team
Supports effective coding processes
Enhanced natural language processing
Optimisation suggestions
Online community support
Social media presence
Can improve itself
Token-based pricing options


Limited to Github repositories
Depends on ChatGPT context
No offline functionality
No direct code execution
No multi-language support mentioned
Only support through community
Private model training unmentioned
No version control integration
Possible latency issues
No analytics for optimization


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