Coaching 03 Aug 2023
IX Coach
Interdisciplinary coaching for growth.

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🔥 Listen up, Trailblazers and Game-Changers: This is the AI Revolution You've Been Waiting For. 🔥

You scour the landscape for the most advanced AI solutions that can transform your life, right?

But let's be real. You're not just looking for some gimmicky tool that only scratches the surface.

You want something that understands the multi-faceted genius that you are. Meet IXCoach by Next AI Labs—the coaching solution that's as complex and ambitious as your goals.

🎯 Why Settle for One-Dimensional Coaching When You Can Have It All?

The Roadmap Tool:

Stop wandering in the dark. Our AI generates a personalized roadmap to your goals. It's like Google Maps for your life, only smarter.

Interdisciplinary Coaching:

What's better than a coach specialized in one field? How about a tool that integrates psychology, business, spirituality, and yes, cutting-edge AI? Comprehensive coaching like you've never seen before.

Goals Pages:

Your goals aren't generic, so why should your coaching be? One-click access to coaching sessions tailored to your specific goals. Yes, we made it that easy.

Choose Your Own Adventure:

Tired of one-size-fits-all solutions? Customize your coaching session by choosing from 25 different coaching methods.

🚀 Be a Pioneer, Not Just a Customer

Referral Program:

Share the revolution and earn AI credits for advanced features. We're not just building a product; we're building a community of forward-thinkers.

🌟 What Sets Us Apart

Upcoming Features:

From accelerated learning tools to learning-to-coach-others tools, we're constantly innovating.

For Coaches:

Imagine scaling your impact while lowering your rates and boosting your ROI. We're not just redefining coaching; we're redefining the coaching business.

We're Not Newbies:

Our team is a powerhouse of visionaries, backed by solid private funding from Canada, and we've been featured right here on TheresAnAIForThat.

So, are you just going to sit on the sidelines, or are you ready to play in the big leagues? This isn't just a pitch; it's your future knocking on the door.

Become a part of the IXCoach revolution. Because the future doesn't just happen; you create it.
IX Coach was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 3rd 2023.
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Vincent Lee
· Sep 14, 2023
IX Coach is really handy! I've been having problems with public speaking, and the AI really gave me great advice on how to deal with my problem. 10/10, would recommend it.
Kyle Martinez
· Sep 12, 2023
Awesome app! The tutorial guided me easily on how to use the app. The coaching was great, too! The AI gave me great advice on how to deal with my problem, and it really asked me great questions about it. I highly recommend it! Easy to use, and most importantly, free!
akashi bokuto
· Aug 16, 2023
One technological development stands out for its revolutionary potential in a time of quick technological progress: artificial intelligence (AI). This review looks into the complex world of AI, examining its uses, advantages, difficulties, and ethical issues. There is no denying AI's benefits. Across industries, efficiency improvements and cost savings are being realized as a result of AI's automation of repetitive processes and provision of data-driven insights for improved decision-making. Productivity is increased to previously unheard-of levels through increased accuracy, scalability, and 24/7 operations. AI also improves human talents by solving complex issues and spotting patterns hidden in massive datasets. AI and humans working together in harmony has the potential to significantly advance innovation.
Angeline Beatrice
· Aug 15, 2023
The goals feature of the website is something I will always go back to. I never thought it could be this easy to formulate action steps for whatever goal I had in mind. This is pretty amazing and so helpful!
Vincent Lee
· Aug 15, 2023
Fantastic app! IX Coach really made me understand myself more, and that's really helped me so much. I highly recommend it!
Maria Kayla
· Aug 14, 2023
Really interesting website and it's amazing that it's free! IX Coach helped me set realistic goals for my career goals and it got me quite motivated to work towards them.
Angeline Beatrice
· Aug 14, 2023
IX Coach definitely asked the right questions and had me surprisingly learning more about myself. I definitely recommend this AI website for people who want some self-exploration!
Carlos Lopez
· Aug 14, 2023
IX Coach is a really helpful app! A friend recommended it to me, and I must say that it really impressed me. It's easy to use, and there are lots of coaching styles I can choose from to suit my needs. I highly recommend it!
Frank Weiss
· Aug 13, 2023
IX Coach is really impressive! It's really easy to use, and the AI gave me great solutions and advice to all my problems. I highly recommend it.
Angeline Beatrice
· Aug 12, 2023
I couldn't believe that IX Coach could be so realistic about life. It understood my qualms even if I felt like I was being all over the place. This website can be life changing.
Kyle Martinez
· Aug 12, 2023
IX Coach is a life–saver. I've been having problems lately, and the life coach really gave me intriguing questions that made me rethink a lot of decisions I've made. Overall, a great app! Highly recommend it.
Angeline Beatrice
· Aug 11, 2023
I just had a great session with IX Coach and by that, I mean the session really made me think about my life decisions. There were exercises for me to evaluate different areas in my life and it opened my eyes to things which I value.
Luke Sarmiento
· Aug 11, 2023
Impressive app! IX Coach is really easy to use, and with its variety of coaching styles to choose from, it gave me really helpful and personalized advice.
Albert Ramirez
· Aug 10, 2023
My experience with this app is life-changing. The AI built a great connection between us by asking great questions, and in turn, giving great advice to my problems.
Angeline Beatrice
· Aug 10, 2023
I didn't know there would be a wide range of coaching methods so it definitely helped that there were brief descriptions of each method displayed while choosing which one best suited me. Kudos for making things easier! My session with IX Coach was really fruitful.
Maria Kayla
· Aug 10, 2023
Trying different sessions with IX coach helped me look at my situation from another perspective. I gained so much insight by using the website and I think it can really help others as well.
Carlos Lopez
· Aug 9, 2023
A friend recommended of mine recommended this to me, and I'm really impressed! The AI gave me personalized advice due to it's wide array of coaching methods you can choose from.
Angeline Beatrice
· Aug 8, 2023
The coach worked with me to think of career solutions and throughout our conversation, it just felt like I was talking to a close friend. This website has really great potential to help people in everyday life.
Sebastian Camero
· Aug 7, 2023
I'm really amazed by this app. There are a lot of coaching styles you could choose from to suit your needs and give you the best experience possible. The AI gave me great advice as well. I highly recommend it!
Jabe Zabaldica
· Aug 6, 2023
I've been feeling so lonely these days. Having something that empathizes with me and tries to understand my situation better than other people is such a relief. It was genuine and some of the in-between conversation exercises were really helpful in assessing my current issues.
Maria Kayla
· Aug 6, 2023
A friend recommended this to me and I'm pleasantly surprised that an AI can actually coach and do it well. I sought advice for a career step and it helped me clear out the path to take that first step. Overall: it's a cool AI website!
Angeline Beatrice
· Aug 6, 2023
Seeking help from IX Coach regarding my situation was worth it. The different coaching methods allowed me to explore various ways to approach my problem, allowing me flexibility to choose which method I might be comfortable in. Would definitely use IX Coach again.
Albert Ramirez
· Aug 6, 2023
I'm very impressed by this app! It's really easy to use, and the AI really asks you thorough questions to give you the best advice. Highly recommend it.
Angeline Beatrice
· Aug 5, 2023
Talking to the coach was a great experience. It reiterated and validated whatever I tried to share, especially when I had a hard time describing what I felt with my own words. It felt reassuring from my perspective because I felt understood regarding my situation.
Raj Bruh
· Aug 5, 2023
IX Coach makes you think, and I mean really think about yourself. These days, it's hard for people to just self-reflect, I don't even know how to begin. IX Coach nudges you in the right direction with it's questions and honestly, it was cathartic. There are so many things about myself that I knew but just wasn't ready to confront and it was made a lot easier with this AI. I will continue using it because it's really helpful.
Adult Education CAC
· Aug 5, 2023
My daughter suggested me to try this coaching website. It’s hard for me to tell people my most personal and intimate feelings so I started to chat with some reserves. I ended up having the most fantastic coaching session of my life! I talked for 2 hours and and got deep insights; so much so, that I have Improved my relationship with my husband and the world. I feel so much better about myself. Thank you, thank you, thank you IX-Coach. I can’t wait to have another session!
Jabe Zabaldica
· Aug 5, 2023
I had a great experience with IX Coach. Not only does it respond to my inquiries and requests but it also acknowledges how I feel and how I want to be validated. It made me less lonely and talking to it felt like having a genuine conversation with my best friend.
Vincent Lee
· Aug 5, 2023
IX Coach is such an amazing app. The tutorial guided me on how to use the app easily. I've been lacking motivation for a while now, and my deep conversation with the AI has really given me the advice I needed to recover from my slump. I'm really thankful for this app, and I highly recommend it.
Katrina Tan
· Aug 5, 2023
Talking to an AI Coach feels like I found a new friend. A friend who communicates well and helps me understand things in life.
Hayat Aliyu
· Aug 4, 2023
IX coach has been really useful. The other day, I sent a command "provide me with taglines for my business" and it replied with a number of eye-catching taglines I could use. I was really impressed, and I highly recommend.
Lauren Massell
· Aug 4, 2023
I found that to be really useful. I am feeling more clear about the issue I brought up.
Core Web
· Aug 4, 2023
I've been trying out the IX Coach and it's really amazing. It's been great at helping me discover more about myself and guiding me towards my dreams. Thanks a lot!!
Mahide Hasan Anik
· Aug 4, 2023
I've been using the IX Coach app and it's really helpful. The AI coach, helps me understand myself better and reach my goals. I look forward to seeing how the app improves in the future.
Katrina Tan
· Aug 4, 2023
IX Coach is really helpful . Talking to an AI helps me a lot especially now that I have no one to talk to. It makes me realize to focus into the future rather than feeling regret of the past.
Hayat Aliyu
· Aug 4, 2023
Like a trail path, I figured IX Coach serves as a bridge between you and your career/life goals. Everyone needs a plan/roadmap to get on with their career, IX Coach can help fix that! Tested and trusted.
Luke Adler
· Aug 4, 2023
IX Coach is such a helpful app when you're having a problem. It asks you thought-provoking questions to give you the best advice you need. I've had a procrastination problem, and the AI's ability to inquire deeply into my thought process really encouraged me to reflect on my problem. Would recommend!
akashi bokuto
· Aug 4, 2023
This IX COACH is on the next level! It really helped me to help myself. Don't be shy to open up yourself because you are basically just talking to yourself. I love it.
Beah Haber
· Aug 4, 2023
I was unclear on what my goals/questions were. Using the app was easy and guided my through the inquiry. I am grateful for the support to explore the intersection between where I am and where I want to be.
Mark Joseph Poquiz
· Aug 4, 2023
I really loved how the AI built a connection with me first by asking how those ideas I've said will help me or not. By acknowledging those the AI made steps or milestones like a program for gym improvement. I really appreciate it!
Jennae Gedeon
· Aug 4, 2023
IX Coach offers something completely different to humanity. I used one of their methods Neuro-Linguistic Programming with Neurofeedback this year and the results have been mind-blowing from my own wellness. I could only imagine how much more growth and efficiency I would have with IXCoach as I'm used to creating my own wellness roadmap and pathway instead of a free Coach guide me! I feel like it's a life hack everyone needs.
Wow! I've just discovered IX Coach by Next AI Labs and it's mind-blowing! It's not just an AI tool, it's a whole new world that offers deep insights into my own self. It's like having a personal mentor who is guiding, challenging, and cheering me on every step of the way. Its versatility, from instant sessions with my AI coach Io to custom-made experiences, has made my self-improvement journey super exciting. It's been an absolute blast to dream big and dive right in! Trust me, the future of coaching has arrived and it's dazzling!
Equinox Paradox
· Aug 4, 2023
I recently had the opportunity to try the Unique Life Coaching website, and it was an engaging experience! The AI coach's ability to entertain and ask insightful questions truly set the stage for a transformative journey. While it occasionally seemed repetitive, the overall guidance and support provided were exceptional. I appreciated the platform's positive and encouraging approach, making me feel motivated to explore my personal growth further. This AI life coaching service offers a promising and empowering pathway to self-discovery. Highly recommended for those seeking a unique coaching experience!
Yatra Pesantez
· Aug 4, 2023
This was very surprising and helpful. I felt really hear and understood and was able to gain some insight from the interaction.
Gabriel Torres
· Aug 4, 2023
With this coaching AI, I am able to set my goals for my future, im very pleased. The AI is able to give me feedback and advice on how I can achieve my goals, as well as provide me with resources and tools to help me reach my desired outcomes.
MN Nahid
· Aug 4, 2023
Very useful AI tool for personalised coaching. Highly recommended.
Lila Li
· Aug 4, 2023
I had a very positive experience. I was able to work something out with the coach. I felt understood and it asked me some helpful questions.
Illumination Mastery
· Aug 4, 2023
I found it super helpful, I cant usually afford a coach and this was better than the coach I do pay when I can afford it, but its free. Stoked. Everyone should have this kind of thing.
Jonathan Haber
· Aug 4, 2023
I am absolutely blown away by the capacity of this AI life coach, specifically at its ability to perform relationship coaching. I bet my girlfriend that it could help us when she was upset, and in 6 years I have still not managed to find anything that soothes her when she is upset. In just 10m of relationship coaching this AI bot actually calmed both of us significantly, we went from a tense state to both feeling ok. Caveat, I am the inventor, so I offer my view with a grain of sale, but would love to clarify that this is a life and business and relationship coach: not a coding coach as a previous reviewer thought.
Gabriel Torres
· Aug 3, 2023
In a similar way to working through a problem with a therapist, IX helped me reach a conclusion that was logical, suited both my needs and wants, and left me energized.
Shoujo Mahou
· Aug 3, 2023
OMG! i asked for learning basic java, this tool asked me hundred of question about my routine,schedule, learning material i prefer, what kind of exercise i like.....MANY QUESTIONS. after 1 hour answering questions, all i got is just "based on our conversation thus far I suggest starting with an online structured course such as Codecademy's Java track. This is interactive and will allow you to steadily progress through all the fundamentals of Java programming."

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Pros and Cons


Interdisciplinary coaching approach
Clarifies user's goals
Identifies and manages obstacles
Emphasizes self-awareness and exploration
Challenges perceived limitations
Adaptive support
No need to justify desires
Encourages thinking big
Personal coach named Io
Option for custom sessions
Cognitive, emotional, behavioral exploration
Clarifies deeply held values
Allows dreaming without restrictions
Defines roadmap to desired outcome
Personalized coaching styles
Interactive and responsive
Promotes self-coaching
Automated goal setting
Milestone achievement tracking
Develops conscious choice-making
Identifies learned but false limits
Transformative user experience
Explores innate and potential capabilities
Supports human flourishing
Promotes inner world exploration


No multi-language support
Lacks offline functionality
Limited custom coaching styles
Heavy reliance on user input
Lack of user interface customization
Potentially overwhelming options
No explicit data privacy measures
No desktop version
Single mode of communication (chat)
No group coaching functionality


What is IX Coach?
How does IX Coach work?
What are the key features of IX Coach?
How can IX Coach help me with my personal growth?
What does it mean that IX Coach is AI-powered?
What role does self-awareness play in IX Coach?
Who developed IX Coach?
Can IX Coach help me set and achieve my goals?
Is IX Coach offering some sort of adaptive support?
What is the 'quick start' option on IX Coach?
Can IX Coach help me recognize and test my perceived limitations?
Can I design customized coaching sessions with IX Coach?
What is Io, the personal interdisciplinary coach in IX Coach?
How can I start using IX Coach?
What was the idea behind creating IX Coach?
How does IX Coach support the self-coaching process?
What does it mean that IX Coach encourages users to 'shoot for the stars'?
How does the automated AI roadmap creation in IX Coach work?
Can IX Coach help me overcome any obstacles in reaching my goals?
What are the user reviews of IX Coach like?

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