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Visualize and track goals w/ mind mapping.
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Medoo is an AI-powered coaching software designed to help coaches increase coachee retention, engagement, and throughput, ultimately leading to prized "aha!" moments.

Unlike other coaching software, Medoo is built equally for coaches and coachees, co-created with their input, and powered by AI. Medoo's key feature is a shared journal that allows coaches and coachees to record their thoughts, insights, goals, and actions together in a safe space.

The journal is responsive and available on desktop, tablet, and phone, enabling collaborative work across multiple devices. Medoo supports goal-setting and breaking them into actionable steps to build agency and accountability, with progress toward goals visualized in a chart.

The Mind Map feature extracts themes from the journal and maps them to related goals or actions to provide new insights. Medoo also offers practical data visualizations and mind maps generated by the latest AI technology to track coachee progress.

Coaches can use Medoo's custom library of resources and exercises or curate their own "coaching recipe" to encourage self-reflection. Medoo's creators claim that it makes it easy to remember where the conversation left off and not miss a beat, which can help coaches keep up with their coachees and develop meaningful relationships.

Medoo offers a 1-dollar trial and provides fast and efficient customer service.


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Pros and Cons


Shared journal feature
Available on multiple devices
Supports goal-setting
Visualizes progress in charts
Mind Map feature
Practical data visualizations
Customizable library of resources
Accurate conversation tracking
1-dollar trial
Fast and efficient customer service
Co-created with input from coaches and coachees
Allows breaking goals into actionable steps
Theme extraction from journals
Self-reflection promotion
Encourages relationship development between coaches and coachees


Requires periodic manual updates
No multi-language support
No free trial period
Potential privacy concerns
No native mobile apps
Customer service speed varies
Generic data visualization
Tracking system might be confusing
No offline functionality


What is Medoo's main function?
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How does Medoo facilitate goal setting?
What is the Mind Map feature in Medoo?
How does Medoo use AI technology for progress tracking?
Can I use my own resources and exercises in Medoo?
How does Medoo help to recall previous coaching conversations?
What is the cost for a trial of Medoo?
How responsive is Medoo's customer service?
Is Medoo a tool for only coaches or can it be used by coachees too?
Can the entries in the shared journal on Medoo be made simultaneously by the coach and coachee?
Does Medoo have a feature to visualize progress towards goals?
Is Medoo built specifically for a certain type of coaching?
Can Medoo serve as a platform to encourage self-reflection?
Can Medoo help coaches build meaningful relationships with their coachees?
How does Medoo deal with data privacy and security?
How user-friendly is the interface of Medoo?
Does Medoo provide any templates for journaling or goal mapping?
Can Medoo send notifications and reminders to keep up-to-date with goals and progress?

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